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Resume Writing Articles

  • Example Of Good Resume - Good Free Resume Sample - With people having the freedom to change careers more often than ever before, a well-polished and up-to-date resume has never been so much in demand. It seems everywhere you turn you can find free and not so free advice about how to write a good resume with plenty of examples to help you.

  • Free Teacher Resume Sample - Example Of Teacher Resume - Teaching is once again becoming a popular profession for both graduates and those who already have some work experience.

  • Free Resume Writing Tip - Free Resume Writing Example - When applying for a job or position with a company, you will have to have a resume. A resume is a collection of papers of information and on them would be your history, your work history, your education history and some personal information about yourself.

  • Free Resume Writing Sample - Best Free Sample Of Resume - When writing your resume there is one simple rule you must follow and that is to be completely honest with everything that you write. If you lied about anything while writing your best resume you could well hinder the possibilities of obtaining a job in your career.

  • Free Job Resume Sample - Sample Resume Template - A resume is a vital part in succeeding in obtaining a job it basically summarizes your life, your work history and your education. Without this getting a job would be hard, employees need to know your history, to see if you are qualified to do ...

  • Free Cv Template - Free Sample Curriculum Vitae - When writing a Curriculum Vitae (CV) you might and could well have a bit of trouble, of course for first timers it will seem a little daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will be a breeze.

  • Sample Paralegal Resume - A paralegal performs a number of key support roles for attorneys including drafting contracts and other legal documents, gathering information and other duties.

  • Fill In The Blanks Resume - Free Resume Writing Software - When applying for a job, a resume is a key part, a resume basically summarized you history for the employer, basically so they can have a brief outline.

  • High School Student Resume - How To Write A College Resume - So you've graduated from high school and now you're looking for a great job with a great company, but you have no idea how to write a high school student resume.

  • Entry Level Resume Sample - Sample Internship Resume - Entry level Resumes are basically resumes from people that have just come out of training or education E.G University, that are seeking their first job or their first job in that area of expertise they were trained in.

  • Elementary Teacher Resume Sample - Sample Teaching Resume - When writing a resume there are headings you must remember, the most important ones are your contact details, your educational history and your employment history.

  • Construction Resume Sample - Engineering Resume Sample - A construction resume is simple when you actually think about it, what is construction? Well your constructing something aren't you, usually it is to do with the building industry where they are constructing a building or bridge or anything that needs constructing.

  • Bank Teller Sample Resume - Sample Resume Banking - When writing a bank teller resume or a straight banking resume, you must have good customer service skills, as you will be dealing with general public, with almost every aspect of the job, below we have samples of how to prepare for the job.

  • Sample Actor Resume - While being a good actor will get you a part, having a good actor's resume will get you an audition. Here we provide a sample actor resume that will enable you to see what an acting resume should look like.

  • Sample Chronological Resume - When writing a resume, most people forget to list events in their resume in chronological order, especially their education and their work history, this of course is a big thing to remember when writing a resume.

  • Free Cv Format - Free Cv Example - A CV format is a great thing to have and know when you are creating a CV and trying to get the best results from your CV. For example if you CV has been formatted really nicely and typed out on the computer it is going to look very professional ...

  • Resume Career Objective - Sample Career Objective - When looking for a job, you must have a career objective either for your resume, your application letter, or even just for yourself! The interviewer wants to see that you have goals and career objectives in your life and how you set out ...

  • Sample Sales Resume - Sample Retail Resume - So you want to make a sales resume, but you have no idea how to go about it, well you've come to the right place. We can give you little hints and tips and maybe a sample here and there of how to create a sales or retail resume.

  • Sample Resume For College Student - Sample Education Resume - When you have finished your education at college, and are looking for a job out there in the workforce you are going to need to know how to write a college student resume.

  • Sample Restaurant Resume - Sample Chef Resume - There are numerous positions available in a restaurant, including manager, chef, bartender and waitress, and so it is no surprise that providing a sample resume to cover all restaurant jobs is an difficult task.

  • Sample Receptionist Resume - Example Receptionist Resume - With all receptionist/clerical and secretarial resumes, the main purpose of your resume is to highlight your customer service skills. As of course during your employment as a receptionist etc, your customer service skills are going to be the skill ...

  • Sample Project Manager Resume - Project Manager Job Description - With project managers in high demand, there are plenty of positions available for the right people so for those of you with the right resume and project management experience, there has never been a ...

  • Sample Administrative Resume - Office Manager Sample Resume - When applying for a position in the administrative field of any business, you must have relevant information relating to that position, you should be focusing on customer service and office skills and your ability to work under pressure and to a dead line.

  • Functional Resume Sample - Sample Resume Letter - When writing a functional resume, you must have a functional layout, other wise things could be come a tad confusing, messy and just down right unreadable.

  • Resume Objective Example - Writing Resume Objective - When writing a resume, there is one thing that you must include that is a vital part to any resume. It is a resume objective or career objective, these are about a paragraph or so long and are all about how you are the best candidate for the position that you are applying for.

  • Health Care Resume Sample - Sample Medical Resume - When writing a medical health care resume or any resume you must have a quick plan of how you are going to go about writing a resume, if you have written a resume before you will have an idea of how to write one, but if you do not know how to write a ...

  • Registered Nurse Sample Resume - Free Nursing Resume Sample - To write a successful nursing resume, you need to be able to put all your skills and knowledge into one tidy presentable and professional resume, of course all the information has to be relevant to the position.

  • Real Estate Resume Sample - Loan Officer Resume Sample - Below we have two sample resumes for you to look at, one for Real Estate and one for a Loan Officer. We hope that these sample resumes will help you to write your own Real Estate and Loan Officer resumes.

  • It Resume Sample - Graphic Design Resume Sample - Below we have three samples resumes for you too look at, one IT or information technology resume, one Graphic Design resume and one Data Entry Resume.

  • How To Write A Simple Resume - Help Writing Your Resume - Ok writing a resume or Curriculum Vitae, as some people like to call it, is not as daunting as some people think it is and help is only a word away. All a simple resume is really is your history, where you have worked and where you have studied and maybe a little personal contact information.

  • How To Write A Professional Resume - Free Professional Resume Sample - For almost all of us these days, knowing how to write a professional resume is a key skill. Getting a professional or highly-sought after job is a competition, where you need to make sure you have advantages over your rivals.

  • Writing A Business Resume - Sample Business Resume - When writing a business resume, you must always remember that it has to 100% professional in all aspects as of course it is a business resume. You must include all personal contact details when writing a resume as we have done in the sample below, ...

  • Resume Writing Format - Resume Format Example - A resume-writing format is a key strength to know in achieving the best results from writing your resume, for example if a resume has been written and formatted really poorly, it will look tacky and unorganized in the employer's eyes.

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