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Kart Wars

Kart Wars is a racing game with an explosive multiplayer experience, featuring a 3d world and WebGL graphics that give players the feeling of being inside the game. The objective of This game is to challenge other players in varying game modes throughout different locations, using vehicles such as tanks, helicopters, and jet skis. It's a fast-paced game that will keep you on yours.

This one is a 3D racing game designed for the modern age. It’s powered by WebGL and has amazing graphics. This is probably not the first kart racing game you play, but it might be one of your favorites. It's a multiplayer 3D game that allows you to race in real-time with your friends or strangers on any device with WebGL enabled. Winning races earns you more coins and upgrades, making this an easy-to-pick-up game for people who want to have some fun as well as get their adrenaline fixed. The soundtrack also keeps your attention captivated throughout the entire game.

This amazing game is a 2d racing game in which you race on various tracks with other players. It features:

1. A multiplayer mode that has up to 4 players racing at the same time.

2. Physics-based 3D graphics for each player's kart, as well as 3D track models for the tracks themselves.

3. A large map that allows up to 16 racers to compete at once.

4. Upgradable karts, parts, and accessories through gameplay.

how to play

WASD or arrow keys to drive

Left click to shoot

Shift to use nitro

Space bar to jump