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Writing Resume Cover Letter - Good Cover Letter Example

By Jenna Litchfield
When applying for a job, the most important thing other than a resume would be a good resume cover letter.
Resume cover letters are the first things any one is going to see and read when they look at your resume, so make sure you have a good resume cover letter that is going to be amazing.

With cover letters you are introducing yourself to the reader or employer, you are going to give a brief outline or example of your working and education history, as well as what you can offer the employer and company.
It is all about getting the reader to want to read more and more, and be really interested to look at your really good resume.

When writing good resume cover letters, there are a few good tips that you should remember, make sure that you type a cover letter out, appearance is the key, they have to look good professionally and tidy.

If you can try and type the resume cover letter out on a computer that has a relevant word processing program.
Printing the cover letter out in black ink preferably on A4 sized white paper will definitely make the cover letter look professional.
When writing a cover letter also set the format of the cover letter in a formal letter format like the example below.
Also leave a space to sign your name at the bottom when writing your cover letter as we have done in the example below, this portrays professionalism.

Although there is the occasional job position and company that requires that you hand write a resume cover letter, but only do this if requested.

Another good example when writing a resume cover letter is to be entirely and completely truthful when writing your resume cover letter and your resume at that, any lies that you do tell will be found out.

Try when your writing your cover letter to make your resume cover letter a good length, but not too long, for example you do not want to be writing a resume cover letter that is two pages long, just one page will be fine.

Always check your spelling and grammar when writing a resume cover letter, it's a good way of making the resume cover letter look professional and spelling mistakes is a big turn off when employers read your cover letter so make sure everything is spelled correctly like the example below.

If you need any extra help when writing your resume cover letters please go to this website http://www.amazing-cover-letters.com/ they have the perfect solution for anyone having trouble writing cover letters.
They have thousands of examples of good cover letters and can help you put one together in minutes!

Example resume cover letter

June 14th 2005

Judy Wrightely
Dalshell Enterprises
Victor house
1548 St Johns Road

Dear Mrs. Wrightely

After an extensive and challenging career in the customer service field, in positions ranging from a Call Center representative to a Receptionist I feel the need for change and a position that can further my career and expand my skills.
I wish to apply for the position of Customer Services Manager with you company as advertised in the local paper, and I have my resume enclosed for your consideration.

To your company I can bring the following skills:
Excellent customer service and communication skills,
Honesty and loyalty
The ability to work as a team and a lone if needed

My goal Mrs. Wrightely is to establish a interview with you to discuss my skills and experience, thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon.


(sign here)

Margaret Downley

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