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Writing A Business Resume - Sample Business Resume

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By Jenna Litchfield
When writing a business resume, you must always remember that it has to 100% professional in all aspects as of course it is a business resume.
You must include all personal contact details when writing a resume as we have done in the sample below, such as full name, postal address, home and mobile phone numbers as well as an email address.

Also a good thing to have when writing a business resume is an objective, this is to explain to prospective employers what you want to do.
Have a look at the sample objective below to gain an idea of what an objective is when you are writing your own resume.

Next in writing your own resume we have in the sample business resume after the objective we have put skills and attributes, this of course is the extra skills you have and what your main attributes are.
These can be anything from proficient use of Adobe Photoshop to the qualities of loyalty and trustworthiness see the sample below for some examples.

Next of course when writing your business resume would be the most important part of your resume and that is going to be your work history, list where you worked, what you position was or is and what your main duties or task are (see sample below)

Next when writing your resume, list your educational history, this is where you can list what educational qualifications you have, remember to say what you studied and where.
When writing your business resume you can also list your computer skills as we have done below, these are all software programs that you know how to use,

Then last but not least when writing your resume we have the references section (see sample below), this is an area where if you want) you can list your references, these are people that a prospective employer can contact regarding your employment and work ethics.
If you do not wish to list these people on your resume, you can always state, as we have done below in the sample business resume, "referees available on request", so when writing a resume you have the choice of whether or not to put in there.

Sample business marketing resume

Mathew Martin
2342 Seacrest Road
Home contact number: (558) 123 4567
Mobile Phone Number: (559) 123 4567
Email Address: mmartin@emailaddress.com

To obtain a rewarding and challenging position with a growing company, where I can use my professional skills, knowledge and experience with those who will benefit from it the most.

Attributes and Qualities:
Great customer service skills and the ability to communicate with advertisers, corporate and media contacts.
Hardworking and loyal attitude.
Capable of design and layout work, proficient with graphic design software and equipment.
Enthusiastic and willing to learn.

Professional work experience:

Switch Clothing Label, Townsville
2001- present
I currently am a marketing consultant and Promotions Liaison for a clothing label that is fast becoming one of the industries finer labels.
Initiated promotional campaigns and strategies to maximum exposure for many regional retailers.
Used survey data and research for targeted marketing strategies.

Musicaddict, Townsville

Promotions Editor
Wrote and controlled promotions for various concert tours.
Introduced online marketing with the potential for substantial profit increase.
Outlined and carried out marketing plans for Internet sales campaigns and also television and radio campaigns.
Also dealt with all customer service ends of the business, carrying out market research and analyzing feedback from customers.

Educational History:
University of Townsville, Townsville,
Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Marketing and a minor in International business.

Computer Skills:
Quattro Pro
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Power Point
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Access
Macromedia Dreamweaver
Adobe Photoshop
Lotus 1-2-3
Electronic Mail

Available on request

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