What To Wear To A Job Interview - How To Dress For A Job Interview

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What To Wear To A Job Interview - How To Dress For A Job Interview

By Jenna Litchfield
In a job interview your appearance and what you wear and how you dress is a big factor of whether or not you will be asked back to a second job interview or will be considered for a job.

What you wear to a job interview always depends on the type of job interview you are going to.
Employers always like someone that is smartly dressed and that takes pride in their appearance and looks tidy.
However you wont get anywhere if you turn up to a job interview with scruffy hair and dressed in scruffy clothes and you probably wont be considered for a position.
If you are going to a casual part time job, a smart casual dress is required which basically means casual clothes that are tidy.
A more professional job usually acquires you to wear a suit; this goes for the woman as well.

For a woman attending a professional job interview, try and wear the most professional clothes you have, usually a nice suit which can be either be dress pants or skirt with a nice tailored jacket, with a blouse or collared shirt underneath with some nice heels to go with it as well.
This depends on what the weather is like as well: if it is summer wear a great blouse with a skirt and heels for a job interview and for winter wear a some great dress pants with a nice jacket with a scarf.
Also what you wear on your feet is endless as in summer you can wear open toed heels, and in winter you can wear long boots, and closed toe heels so choose the ones that feel the most comfortable for you as well, as you will be in them for numerous hours a day.
The most used colors are black for a suit and a white shirt, however you can experiment with what looks best on you.

As far as accessories go, for job interviews, wear a nice simple hand bag and keep things to a minimum though with the jewelry, maybe a simple ring, bracelet, earrings and a necklace is fine, don't overdo it with big bulky jewelry.

For men attending job interviews, wearing a tidy dress shirt and a pair of nice dress pants is great for a job interview, if it is professional however a tucked in shirt with a tie and jacket is perfect.
Make sure that your dress shoes are nice and clean and polished before you wear them as they will notice if you have mud and dirt and what not on them.

Another major factor is how you have styled yourself for your job interview, e.g. what you have done with your hair and your face, below are some tips.

Body appearance for guys attending interviews:

Wash your hair, and comb it, then style it with appropriate products, however make sure it is tidy and professional, no Mohawks or extremely big sized spikes.
Wear aftershave and cologne to the job interview but not too much as you do not want to drown them in the smell.
Also make sure that you are clean-shaven, for the interview as well as wearing stubble on your face is unattractive unless you have a mustache or beard.

Body appearance for woman attending interviews:
Wash and condition your hair beforehand as well, now with women's hair (as we like to color it a lot) make sure you don't have unsightly re growth, keep it regularly up kept so it look sits best for a job interview.

Wondering how to style your hair for a job interview?
If it is a very highly up market professional job, a very tidy up do is great, maybe wear a bun or a sleek ponytail and try and keep it frizz free.
If in doubt scout magazines or consult your hairdresser for what styles to wear and what styles will suit your hair type.
Also nails are a big thing; if you have chipped nail polish take that off immediately, as it looks very tacky.
Manicures are great for your nails and they do look very professional as well.
Your make up should be professional and not caked on, wear neutral colors on the eyes, and wear minimal eyeliner and mascara.

So all in all keep yourself extremely tidy and wear nice, professional dress clothes and you'll definitely be a shoe in to impress as what you wear and how you dress is the ultimate way to impress.

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