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Waitress Job Description - Chef Job Description

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By Alan Leach
Waitress job description

While we all think we know what a waitress does, the skills required to make waitressing look easy are not shared by everyone. Here we look at a waitress job description, which may help you to decide if a similar role might be suitable for you.

Put simply, a waitress takes orders from customers and serves them the food and drink they requested in some kind of dining establishment. While this is a basic waitress job description, it probably conforms to what we see a waitress doing whenever we dine out.

Nevertheless, included in this simple definition is a whole range of tasks that a waitress is expected to perform, and perform well. She is often the first point of contact between the dining establishment and the patron, so it is important she behaves in a professional yet friendly way. Keeping this demeanour in the face of adversity is difficult, but this is what a waitress is expected to do.

A waitress should have a good knowledge of food in general, and the items on the menu in particular. She should be well aware of the specials of the day, and a good waitress should be able to explain how certain dishes were prepared, and with which ingredients.

A waitress may also be called upon to handle cash, including preparing checks. Naturally, this requires a high level of accuracy, as mistakes can often offend.

No waitress job description would be complete without explaining a task that is rather difficult to achieve, but is essential to a happy dining experience. No patron likes to be kept waiting for service, and yet also no one likes to be rushed. A waitress therefore has to balance this carefully to engender the feeling of a relaxed meal.

It seems clear therefore that there is a lot more to a good waitress than appears at first sight. Juggling various tasks at the same time while ensuring at all times excellent customer service, a waitress performs a difficult role. A waitress job description often hides some of the skills actually required.

Chef job description

Being a chef also requires a wide range of skills and abilities. A chef must have formal qualifications as well as the right experience and personality. Working on your feet in a high pressured environment for long periods of time requires a great deal of stamina and patience. Here we look at a chef job description for those thinking about becoming a chef.

Obviously, chefs prepare and cook the food in a variety of locations, from caf├ęs to international hotels. Behind this though, a chef's job description is more complex. From organizing menus to making sure supplies are available, a chef must take care of every issue related to the food, from hygiene to logistics. Chefs were multi-taskers before the word existed, and the ability to juggle a variety of tasks at the same time is critical.

Being able to work in a team is perhaps the most important personality trait required by a chef. A chef often works in a small hot crowded noisy kitchen, where communication is sometimes difficult and emotions can sometimes get frayed. In such cases, the chef that is thick-skinned and gets on well with the other chefs will prosper. No matter how good a chef you might be, if you do not get on with other chefs you will not be successful.

A chef and a waitress are examples of positions available in a restaurant. A restaurant job description, whether it be these positions or something else all have one thing in common. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of the customer. When looking at a restaurant job description, remember that though they may look quite diverse, a passion for helping the customer is at the bottom of all restaurant jobs.

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