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Sample Sales Resume - Sample Retail Resume

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By Jenna Litchfield
So you want to make a sales resume, but you have no idea how to go about it, well you've come to the right place.
We can give you little hints and tips and maybe a sample here and there of how to create a sales or retail resume.
Don't get confused between the names of sales and retail; they are pretty much exactly the same.
Below we have a simple example of a sales or retail resume, we have the subject which is called Sam brown who has worked from a sales clerk or retail clerk to another company as a sales consultant then moved up to a sales/retail manager, as you can see we have listed numerous activities and duties Sam has had to fulfill when he was at his jobs, this is a good way of showing the prospective employer where you have worked and how wide your range of skills is.
He has also listed the office assistant jobs he had to do, if you are applying for any job do not leave any information lacking, its yourself that you are selling, you do not want to loose the chance at getting a sales/retail job because you did not list that you had strong computer skills.
In your resume there are some key headings and topics you must talk about, the first one of course being your personal information.
This usually has your name, address and contact details as well as an email address, this is a vital piece to add to your resume, how else would they contact you.
You need an email address listed if you applied for a position online, and the prospective employer might need to send you information via the internet and email.
Also phone numbers are a must in your resume, as they will need to contact you to tell you if you were successful in gaining an interview or not.
The next category in your resume, as you can see in the sample below, is a personal statement; this gives the prospective employer a sample or brief outline of what you are about and what you would like to do in the future.
Next we have your skills and attributes as you can see in the sample resume below, here you can list what your skills are, from strong computer skills, to knowledge of sales and management procedures, to advanced photography skills we have an arrangement of skills listed below for you to look at in the sample.
Also state the main skills needed for the job you are applying for, like strong customer service skills, great sales and marketing skills etc etc.
Next will be your employment history and your education history, both being the main and most important parts in your resume, as in the sample below, it must have everywhere you worked and what dates and what position you held.
Within your work or employment history, it is best to state what you did at this position, e.g. sales or Administration, basically your daily duties, so the prospective employer or reader will have an idea of what you did and your current skills.
And last but not least you can list your references, but if you do not feel like listing them on your resume you can just say as we have done in the sample resume below, "References available on request".

Sample sales/retail resume:

Personal Information:

Sam Brown
235 Way Street road
Home Phone: (12) 2565 789
Mobile Phone: (123) 458 9886
Email Address:

Personal Statement:
A skilled sales professional looking to expand horizons, to use present skills and knowledge with a company that can benefit the most from it, and also gain new skills and experiences.

Skills/ Attributes:
Fast courteous customer service
Loyal and Trustworthy
Tidy and professional appearance
Quick Learner
Accurate typing
Strong computer skills
Staff management and training.
Great Marketing skills.

Employment History:

2003 - Present
Mag and Tire Warehouse, Townsville
Sales/Retail Manager.
Managed purchasing and inventory, company generates sales of $250,000 per annum.
Introduced and handled sales promotions for new products including tires and wheels.
Design and arrange window displays, and initiated new advertising campaigns and strategies to increase business and traffic.
Managed three sales employees in the building as well as helped in the workshop with all fittings of tires, wheels, suspension and other automobile accessories.
Played a vital part in the recruitment of additional employees and their training.
Also relieved office duties for receptionists and account managers.

Mag and Tire Warehouse, Townsville
Sales consultant, Workshop Technician
Assisted in the workshop, installed Mag and Tire packages, suspension, adjustable suspension, and general automotive servicing
Wheel alignments, wheel balancing.
Also assisted on the shop floor with the sales and retail of Mag wheels, tires, and performance accessories.
Assisted in the office with answering calls.

Townsville Automotive Parts
Sales/Retail Clerk
Handled floor sales of all automotive parts
Handled Cash
Handled phone enquiries.
General up keep of shop floor, e.g. cleaning, stock taking, shelf stocking.
General store displays and advertising
Assisting in the training of new employees to the shop floor.

Educational History:
Graduate, Townsville High School, Townsville 2000
Available on request

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