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Sample Resume For College Student - Sample Education Resume

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By Jenna Litchfield
When you have finished your education at college, and are looking for a job out there in the workforce you are going to need to know how to write a college student resume.

Of course to get that fantastic job you've always wanted, your going to have to get the best from your college student resume.
You will have to include all the experiences you have had during your education at college, and all the relevant experience you have that relates to the job that you are applying for.

Of course you will be listing what you studied and what papers you did etc etc in your college student resume.
The employer basically wants to see what you learnt during your education at college and how you plan to use this knowledge and education in the workforce.
Preferably you want to say that you want to use your knowledge and skills and gain more with the company that will benefit it the most (remember that statement for the future, as it works well in interviews too)

With listing your college education history and information in your college student resume, there are some things that you can include, like professional jobs, professional clubs and organizations, or whatever leadership roles you might have taken during your education at college.
However try not to talk about your high school information in your college student resume, as prospective employers want to know all about your college education and your skills so of course the samples have to be of relevant up to date information.

Ok now of course when a writing any resume you need a basic format this is basically, personal information, career objective, work history, educational experience, skills, interests and at the end referees, of course if you feel you could add some categories please do so as the sample below is just a sample of headings and information you could use.

Of course listing your personal information is basic, your name, your contact details, if you wish to list more contact details feel free to do so.
But make sure that all details are up to date and that none are old, because you do want the prospective employer calling you for an interview!

Ok next step in writing a college student resume, Is a career objective, this is an important part in any college student resume, as it explains to the prospective employer what you want to do and what you want to give to a company, make this strike out and stand out, and I do not mean bright pink fonts.

Which is another thing, professional fonts and layout are a must, preferably typed, do not and I repeat do not hand write it with hearts as dots for i's.
If you have trouble in the layout and creation of your resume don't hesitate to look at other samples, and ask people to help you out.

Work history! Every employer wants to know this, this is the major factor in getting a job, list everywhere that you have happened to work, highlighting and talking in more depth about the jobs relating to the position you are applying for.
Remember you can list anything from full time to part time summer intern jobs as work history as the employer needs to sample where you worked.

The important part in a college student resume is listing your college education, of where you studied, what you studied, and any achievements that you had along the way.
Also what clubs or organizations you were in as well, do not forget that as well as relevant skills you acquired and any responsibilities.

Ok the next part in a college student resume, is your competencies or skills in other works, these are going to be the words that sell your to any employer, you can list all the skills, like these sample answers: computer programs, or other relevant programs.
You can also list, excellent customer service skills, the ability to work alone, and under pressure etc.

At the end of your college student resume, you can also list a bit about your interests and hobbies if you like, then you can list referees, these of course are people that can vouch for your work history, of course you do not have to list these people on your resume at all, you can just state referees available on request.

Sample college student resume

Paulina Matheson
998 Waybin Street

(09) 876 8765

Career objective/Profile:
To further my skills and knowledge in the marketing industry, and put all my skills to use with a company that can benefit from it the most.


Greylinn University
Major: Marketing
Minor: Administration


Marcus and Associates
Office Assistant/Intern
Assistance to the office administrator and receptionist with daily duties.
Filing, customer service, data entry and word processing.
Geneeve Fashions
Retail assistant
Retail assistance, customer service, cash experience, till experience, stock take, daily stock management.

Microsoft packages
Adobe photo shop, Adobe acrobat reader, Adobe Page maker and Illustrator
Data entry
Strong communication and analytical skills
Team focused and detail orientated

Theatre, arts, Mountain biking

Joe Wrightson
Branch Manager
Marcus and Associates
Tel: (776) 245 5556

Aleesha Mathews
Geneeve Fashions
Retail Manager
Tel: (009) 158 5569

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