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Sample Restaurant Resume - Sample Chef Resume

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By Alan Leach
Sample Restaurant Resume

There are numerous positions available in a restaurant, including manager, chef, bartender and waitress, and so it is no surprise that providing a sample resume to cover all restaurant jobs is an difficult task.

If you are considering a job in a restaurant it is important when writing your resume that you know which position you are applying for.
This sample restaurant resume provides a potential restaurant manager with some help on how to structure his or her resume, though it might be useful for other restaurant-based workers.

Restaurant Manager

John Smith
123 Sample Resume Road
Sacramento, CA 876 543


Eight years experience in the hospitality industry, with a track record of delivering improved sales results for previous employees as well as service skills that are second to none. Built up a enviable reputation for delivering results-based solutions.


2002 to Present
La Grande Restaurant
Sacramento, California
Restaurant Manager

- Helped to increase sales by 68% during the period of my employment.
- Direct responsibility for menu changes, based on customer feedback.
- Responsible for marketing and advertising, as well as restaurant layout.
- Proven track record of creating profit for the restaurant.
- Developed a more employee-centred organization, culminating in staff turnover dropping to 5% a year.

1997 to 2002
Mabel's Restaurant
Sacramento, California
Assistant Manager
- Directly responsible for organizing weekly rosters, buying restaurant supplies and managing restaurant when manager was absent.
- Applied superior organizational skills in planning and implementing theme nights and parties.

Bbus ( Finance)
Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio, Summer, 1997

Sample chef resume

While top chefs may be able to rely on their reputations to gain employment, for the vast majority of chefs a detailed and accurate resume is crucial.

Here we provide a sample chef resume to help you with your resume preparation, though obviously being a sample resume only it will require considerable alterations to make it suitable for you.

Following the sample chef resume we provide additional information about the resume as well as information for bartenders and waitresses about sample resumes for them.

Sample chef resume

Suzie Smith
234 Eastway Avenue
Sacramento, CA 123456
(123) 123-4567

JOB OBJECTIVE: Chef in a kitchen specializing in Italian cuisine

Culinary Achievements

- Created a number of new menu items which received positive reviews from the local paper.
- Prepared the Italian cuisine that was awarded second place in the 2004 Gold Fork awards.

- Experience of preparing food for more than 250 guests at special events.
- Helped local schools revolutionize lunch options through introduction of more healthy foods.

Chef, Mamma Mia!, Sacramento, CA, 2003 - present.
Assistant Catering Chef, Sandra Sample, Miami, FL, 2001 - 2003.

B.A. in Restaurant Management
Newbury Community College, Sacramento, CA, Summer, 2001.

As the above sample chef resume shows, the writer has organized her ideas well, and only included information directly related to the post for which she is applying.

The sample resume would only take a prospective employer a few seconds to skim read, allowing him or her to see at a glance whether the applicant has the necessary skills to do the job well. A second read would provide more detailed information.

If you are looking for a sample waitress resume or a bartender resume sample the above example provides a good template you can also utilize. A sample waitress or a bartender resume sample would follow the same structure, with only minor differences, so it serves as a useful tool.

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