Sample Project Manager Resume - Project Manager Job Description

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Sample Project Manager Resume - Project Manager Job Description

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By Alan Leach
Sample project manager resume

With project managers in high demand, there are plenty of positions available for the right people so for those of you with the right resume and project management experience, there has never been a better time to brush up your resume and check out the opportunities.

Here we provide a sample project manager resume to enable you to compare how your skills and experience might stack up against others, as well as giving you some assistance in how you could alter your resume to make it more readable. This sample resume should provide some ideas, but a completed resume should be more detailed than this sample resume.

Peter Sample
222 New Road
Anytown, Newstate 201345
Home: (111) 111-2222
Cell: (111) 321-1234


A rewarding and challenging Project Manager position that will enable me to build on the considerable skills I have already developed.

Summary of Achievements

- Managed several high profile projects.
- Ensured that goals were met and exceeded.
- Achieved increased efficiency.
- Allocated job tasks and responsibilities.
- Created effective and efficient project teams.


ABC Corporation, Sacramento, CA
Project Manager, 2002 to Present

Responsible for managing 3 projects, which were all completed under budget, saving $2.3 million in total.

Sample Corporation, Sacramento CA
Project team, 1998-2002

Performed various duties, including personal assistant to project manager and administration including compiling project team's job descriptions.

London School of Economics, London, UK
B.S., Economics & Business, 1998

This sample of a project manager resume should highlight some of the main considerations for a potential project manager, as well as providing an example of what a general resume could look like, focusing on specifics and keeping it as short as possible.

Project manager job description

From overseeing the building of an Olympic stadium to leading a team developing a new software product, a project manager's job is diverse and exciting. Here we provide a project manager job description which will enable both potential project managers and employers to understand some of the roles and responsibilities a project manager must take on, as well as a description of the skills and qualifications a project manager must have.

Essentially, a project manager is at the centre of a complex web of people all working towards the same goal. A project manager job description includes the ability to organize the entire project, including allocating tasks and resources, and ensuring the project is finished on time and within budget.

A project manager must be able to make sense of chaos, as he or she has to organize vast amounts of information and keep focused on the big picture. In some ways, a description of a project manager job is hindered by the variety of roles and projects that could be included.

It is becoming unusual for a project manager to work full-time for a company, and more common to work on a contract basis, moving from project to project.

A description of the skills required for a job manager would include communication as a priority. A large part of a project manager's job is involved with persuading, motivating, rewarding and informing to a wide variety of people. Someone who can get the best out of others would be an apt description of one element of project management.

A job description should also include the need to be proficient in specific project software, as this records the progress of the project easily.

Project managers usually have at least five years experience in project management often with specific technical skills in the specific project industry, such as software, engineering or something else.

This job description of a project manager should provide readers with the basic elements of the position. Importantly, more companies are turning to project management and so it seems project managers will continue to be in high demand in the future.

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