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Sample Paralegal Resume

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By Alan Leach
A paralegal performs a number of key support roles for attorneys including drafting contracts and other legal documents, gathering information and other duties. Any sample paralegal resume would be expected to show an understanding of the complexity and quantity of the tasks a paralegal is expected to perform.

Here we provide a sample paralegal resume which may be of use to other paralegals looking for a sample resume to compare theirs with. Obviously, every job is different, and so every resume will be slightly different to reflect this. Nevertheless, this paralegal sample resume should provide a good template from which to work.

We follow the sample paralegal resume with some further information about the specific sample itself, to provide some reasoning behind some of the information provided and the thought-processes that went into deciding what to include or leave out.

Sample Paralegal Resume

John Smith
1212 Attorney Street
Seattle, WA 934213
▪ 206-999-8888


- 4 years accounting experience
- Superb organization and attention to detail
- Passionate for research
- Innovative and reliable
- Proficient in Microsoft Office as well as Westlaw


Attorney Marjorie Hopkins Smith, Smith and Jenkins
Summer, 2002

- Researched law and interviewed clients on a number of cases.
- Researched a number of statutes.
- Retrieved public records from relevant agencies.
- Filed and served a number of documents for court.
- Organized and implemented a number of accounting practices that enabled a more efficient accounting process.


Associate of Technical Art, Paralegal November, 2001
St. Peters Community College

- Frequently in top five of class.
- Drafted a number of legal pleadings.
- Composed 14-page Law Memorandum.
- Involved in a number of trial preparation projects.

In the above sample paralegal resume, the individual lacks work experience in other areas but has a strong academic background and internship experience. He has decided to produce a quite brief and concise resume that illustrates his strengths well.

Many sample resumes, especially for those without much experience, will attempt to fill two or three pages with information that is not relevant to the position. Employers will often not even waste their time to read them, and they will see the bottom of the waste paper bin quickly. A resume has to be read in thirty seconds or less, and must make it clear to the employer what you can do for them, not the other way round.

In the case of our sample resume writer, although he lacks work experience the information he does provide explains exactly what he is capable of doing, and both his internship and education lead him to paralegal work, suggesting he would be passionate about the job and not just see it as a means to an end.

Importantly, the individual, when stating the skills and experience he has developed focuses on achievements. Nowadays most companies revolve around results, and it is important for any employee that they can show they can actually be resource and not a drain on the organization. In our example, the writer concentrates on examples of where he has reorganized and made things more efficient.

Employers love to hear of examples of initiative, especially when changes you have been responsible for have led to savings in time or money. When possible, make your claim concrete by providing specific numbers. Of course, do not lie about this, as the employer will be sure to check if at all suspicious.

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