Sample Interview Question - Sample Job Interview Question

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Sample Interview Question - Sample Job Interview Question

By Jenna Litchfield
In a job interview you are going to get asked a LOT of questions by the interviewers and hopefully you will ask the job interviewers some questions as well.
In the job interview they are going to ask you questions that will assess your personality, your goals, your objectives, your attitude and how well you will fit the position and the company.
How you answer these questions and how you portray yourself in the job interview will determine whether or not you will get the position.
Everyone worries about how he or she is going to answer the questions and how he or she is going to be perceived by the job interviewer.
If you answer the question clear and precisely in the job interview you will be fine.
Try not to be nervous as that will show through in how you answer the questions and how you act in the interview, so be calm.
And please be yourself, do not try and portray yourself as someone you are not the job interviewers are only looking to find that sample of greatness that you have inside!
Below we have two sample job interview questions for you to read and learn how to answer them so the interviewers love you.

Two sample job interview questions

Sample job interview question number one

What can you bring to this company that no one else can?

This question is designed so the interviewer can assess how you value your skills and credentials, why are you the best, why do you think you can be great at this job.
This is a crucial question that you have to answer right as you are selling yourself and trying to entice the employer to hire you based on your abilities and how you think that you are the best and the right fit for the position.
Sample response:
I feel I have great communication skills, I love dealing with customers and working with people and I feel my skills could contribute a lot to your company.

Sample job interview question number two

What things motivate you?

Here is where you can show the interviewers your full potential, tell them what makes you get up in the morning, what fills you with excitement, passion and lights your eyes up when you speak.
Sample response:
My kids motivate me to get up every morning; they look up to me as a role model.
Or something along the lines of a hobby, like gardening or fishing.

Also tell them what will motivate you in the job you are applying for, do you strive for customer satisfaction? Do you love achieving targets and deadlines tell them everything you love about the position you are applying for but make it simple and professional don't try and tell them you want the position because of the benefits e.g. discounts on items and so forth.
Sample response:
I love the challenge of working in this industry, I love striving to achieve goals and I love the variety of duties involved and the confidence and feeling of achievement when I have completed a job.

But remember if you show more enthusiasm in the job interview for something such as a hobby rather than the position you are applying for it could seem that you are uninterested so be careful how you word your answers to the above question.

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