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Sample Interview Follow Up Letter - Sample Interview Thank You Letter

By Jenna Litchfield
After a job interview no matter how good or bad the interview went it is always a good idea to send the company and the people that interviewed you a thank you letter or follow up letter, it is much better thing to do then sitting around waiting for the decision to be made and its going to increase your chances of getting the position as well.

Some interviewers actually expect you to send an interview follow up letter or thank you letter after an interview, and if they do receive one they will be able to sample your wonderful manners and will be able to tell that you are serious about the job and then they will not forget who you are.
So below we have a sample interview follow up letter for you to look at and use however do not copy the sample letter word for word as it is only a sample or guide to what you should be writing in your own follow up letter.
The sample also has fictional locations and company names as well as fictional names of the two people involved.

Follow up thank you letters are sent to thank the interviewers for the interview opportunity, express appreciation for them to take the time to talk to you and to highlight your essential qualities that make you perfect for the job as Jemima has in the sample below.

Also in the follow up thank you letter you should express why you think that you are the best for the position and why you deserve a second interview.
It will give you a chance to polish your answers and responses that you did not do to well with and that lacked power in the interview.
Not to mention you can add details you failed to mention, for example that you're a member of a commerce club, or other relevant experience that you have had and you can include references that the interviewers may of asked for.

Always remember to send the follow up thank you letter within two days of the interview, it can be hand written or typed but it should be very neat.
If you can, match the paper you used for your resume with your follow up letter, it will look very professional and smart, use a formal letter format as below in the sample.
You can send the follow up letter, by post or by fax or email, just remember with email not to use emoticons or abbreviations.
And only use email if you have been corresponding with that person by email before hand and if the follow up letter regards an email.

Sample interview follow up thank you letter:

August 21st, 2005

Brian Charsley
5678 Seymore Lane
New Cardshire City, IN 84596
Dear Mr. Charsley:
Mr. Charsley Thank you for the opportunity on Tuesday to visit with you and discuss the position you currently have available at John Lang and Associates.
It was a pleasure speaking with you and thank you for your hospitality during my visit and your efforts to arrange my interview.
I enjoyed interviewing with you and the position sounds both challenging and rewarding.
Having seen your premises I am more enthusiastic about position and with what John Lang and Associates has to offer.
Though my education and work experience I have gained many skills, as well as an understanding of industry knowledge as I have worked for several years in the recruitment industry.
I have worked from Receptionist to Branch Manager and I feel my skills and experience would complement the Human Resources department at John Lang and Associates.

As requested I have enclosed a list of references you may contact regarding my prior work accomplishments.

Thank you again for the opportunity and I look forward to your decision.
I can be reached on (079) 678 8678 or by email at should you need additional information

Jemima Winter
876 Sailors Road
New Hampshire Town, PA 16525

I hope this sample follow up letter and the information helps you in succeeding to get that position you've always wanted!

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