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Sample Employment Reference Letter - Employment Letter Of Recommendation

By Jenna Litchfield
When you apply for employment you hand over your resume and you may attend an interview or two depending on how things go.
But one thing the interviewers will want to know about is your work history so they will need to contact your previous employers or work mates about your work ethic and performance.
So when you leave employment always ask for a letter of employment recommendation or employment reference letter, these can be from you previous employer, maybe a work mate or department manager it can even be your friend.

This is just to confirm the place of employment listed on your resume and confirm you worked in a certain industry and at a certain company and that yes everything you listed about your self in your resume is absolutely correct.

These people are called referees or references, they are basically people that can back up the information you have given the interviewers and you resume and serve as samples for your future employee as they can see how great an employee you can be.

In the employment reference letter, your previous employer will confirm that you worked in their company from the date you started to the date you left and will confirm what position you held.
Also they will highlight the main duties and responsibilities in the employment recommendation letter that you had while you were employed at the references company, and any achievements you had and usually if your references are nice they will be a great recommendation for any position you will put yourself forward for.
And they will leave contact numbers and or email addresses for the interviewers to contact them and verbally check the references with them as below in the sample recommendation letter.
If you are still not sure how to write a recommendation letter or have no idea what a employment reference letter is look below at the sample or search the net for various websites that have samples and or talk to friends to see if they have some samples to look at.

There are also personal letters of recommendation that can be written also known as character references, these can be written by previous employers, personal friends and or family friends.
These recommendation letters usually are references about your personality and how you interact with others, your hobbies and your attitude.
Character recommendation letter's are a great asset to have with your resume, as the interviewers and future employees can see your personality and how you will fit into the position and with the employees at the new company.
In the recommendation letter they will also be able to see if your personality in the interview matches your personality in the character references.

Below we have a sample letter of recommendation or as other people call it a sample employment reference letter.

Sample employment reference letter or letter of recommendation:

16th April 2005

To whom it may concern,

I would like to recommend Alana Hayfield as a candidate for a position within your company.
Alana was employed in our office from August 2002 - 18th May 2005 as Office Manager.

Alana was more than competent in this position and portrayed a high level of excellence during her employment.
She was an asset to our company and has excellent communications skills, she is organized and can work independently and always gets the job done.
Alana had a wonderful rapport with our clients and will be very sadly missed.

Alana was in charge of all office duties and managed the office assistants employed within the branch.
During her employment her main duty's, were administrative duties and management ranging from assistance to the receptionist to monthly pay roll duties.

She would be an asset to any employer and I recommend her for any position she pursues.
Should you need any further confirmation on Alana please call me on (878) 2145 989

Yours Sincerely

Jacob Mersfield
Branch Manager
Enterprise Personnel

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