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Sample Employment Cover Letter - Free Resume Cover Letter Example

By Jen
Employment cover letters are the first thing an employer reads when he receives your resume whether it is by post or by email.
Itís the back bone and deciding feature that has to be really great, an employment cover letter that grabs the employers attention and make them say "Wow thatís really good, I wonder what their resume will be like" and it will entice them to read it is a sure fire thing to a job interview.
It introduces you and your resume to the employer in a professional manner and it is a fact that almost every job position needs an employment cover letter forwarded with their resumes.

Of course every employment cover letter is going to be different for every type of employment you are going to apply for and the free sample cover letter we have as an example is for an administrative role.
There are also a lot of free example cover letters on the internet as well so don't be afraid to look around for free samples that can help you write one, but please do not copy the examples.

With a free sample resume cover letter it will help you in writing you own brilliant cover letter so it can help you seek out employment and be the first to secure a job interview.
Remember to make your resume cover letter your own and emphasize the important parts of your career and why you think in brief you are the right candidate for the position; use the sample as an example to help you.

In employment a cover letter format usually starts out with the date that you have written and completed your cover letter, then the name and address of the person of whom you are sending your resume and cover letter to, then you will address the reader as below in the free example cover letter.

Then there is the body of your cover letter, the interesting parts for example, you're selling yourself to be the best person to recruit and interview out of all the people looking for employment.
There has to be good introduction that captivates the reader into reading and sampling more and convinces them that you are the best candidate.

You must always state (for example in the free sample below) which position you are applying for, if you don't state it how will they know.
Give them a very brief summary of your employment, then why you feel you are the best for the position, then list your key strengths (as an example in the free sample letter)
Then ask and seek the chance to have an interview and discuss why you are the best, then thank them for reading your cover letter and that you look forward to hearing from them.

Free sample resume cover letter to help with you employment:

March 14, 2005

Judy Townley, HR Manager (Person whom you sending your resume to)
Administration Department
7689 Coopers Street

Dear Mrs Townley:

After achieving many goals in my administrative career I am seeking to expand my horizons with gaining new challenges in the area of administration/reception.
I am interested in the position of Administration Assistant as advertised in the local paper and have enclosed my resume for your consideration.

As per my resume, my experience in Administration and Reception is extensive, and I have enjoyed the reputation as a great receptionist and have an ability to establish good clientele bases.

As part of your firm and team I can bring:

Honesty and loyalty
Enthusiasm and the ability to develop and work in a great team
Knowledge of office procedures and customer service

Mrs. Townley my goal is to establish a time where we can discuss how my skills, professionalism and experience will add value to your team.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sarah Broughton

The free sample above is purely fictional and is there as an example and helpful guide to your employment, I hope it helps you write an amazing resume cover letter to go with your amazing resume that will make employers want to interview you immediately.

And if your do get stuck writing you own employment cover letters you can go to and purchase a employment cover letter creator and you will never get stuck again although it wont be free its great if you really need the help, not to mention it's a great example to teach you how to write one, by studying all the samples they have and use.

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