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Sample Covering Letter - Free Sample Resume Cover Letter

By Jenna Litchfield
Resume cover or covering letters are the backbone of getting a job, without them you might not even get a second look or even a first look at your resume.
They are written to give the employer a sample or brief history of what you have done and why you are so good as in the three free covering letter samples below covering from teaching to internship.
Basically in a cover letter you are giving the employee an outlined overview of your education and work history.
A resume cover letter or covering letter should be written very formally, addressing the receiver of the letter with sir or madam and signing the letter off with sincerely, and actually signing your name as in the free sample covering letters below.
This makes the resume cover letter look really professional and the employers will see that you have made an effort to make the letter look professional.

And explaining to them in brief why you want an interview and why you would be the best for the job as in the free sample resume cover letters below.

And if your do get stuck writing you own resume covering letters you can go to and purchase a resume covering letter creator and you will never get stuck again although it wont be free its great if you really need the help, not to mention it's a great example to teach you how to write a covering letter, by studying all the samples they have and use.

Free Teaching cover letter sample

March 24th 2005

Stuart Nielson
Lakewater High School
143 Lakewater Road

RE: Teaching position

Dear MR. Nielson

With my experience in teaching covering elementary schools and teaching high school's I wish to extend my knowledge to other schools, and I express interest in the position you have advertised in the local paper.

I have at least five years of teaching experience, from first grade to eighth grade and have experience with at risk children.
I mainly teach English and would like to continue teaching students the pleasures of English.
Enclosed is my resume and I hope to succeed in obtaining an interview with you to discuss my work history and skills as I feel I can benefit your company a great deal.


Jeremy Martins

Free Pharmaceutical Sales cover letter sample

February 16th 2006

Mark Hewood
Larce Pharmaceutical
12 Lake Road

RE: Pharmaceutical Position

Dear Mr. Hewood

After studying at Worminshire University and completing a degree in pharmaceuticals
I seek to broaden my knowledge and put my current skills to use in the pharmaceutical industry.
I am interested in the position you have advertised in the local newspaper

As per my resume I have strong educational experience and have over 3 years work experience in this industry, which the most being in analysis.
I have strong skills covering GCP, ICH and FDA requirements.

I believe I could make a valuable contribution to your firm and would appreciate the opportunity of obtaining an interview with you and discussing my education and work experience

Sarah Stanley

Free internship resume cover letter sample

February 8th 2006

Martin Bromley - HR manager
Key Personnel
1234 Seems Street

RE: Junior administration Position

Dear Mr. Bromley:

After a very exciting education at Worksville University completing an Administration degree I would like to put my skills that I have learnt to use in the administration field.
I am interested in the position of junior administrator with your firm as advertised in this week's paper and have enclosed my resume for your consideration.

As per my resume I have learnt extensive skills in the administration field, I have also completed temporary assignments and work for many recruitment companies.

As part of you firm I can bring:
Great customer service and communication skills
Accurate data entry skills
Honesty and loyalty
Enthusiasm and the ability to develop and work in a great team
Knowledge of office procedures and programs.

Mr. Bromley my goal is to secure an interview time with you so we can discuss my skills, and work experience and how they will add values to your team.

Thank you for your consideration in reading this cover letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Mary Anne Wilson

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