Sample Contract Termination Letter - Sample Employment Termination Letter

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Sample Contract Termination Letter - Sample Employment Termination Letter

By Alan Leach
Sample contract termination letter

There are a number of reasons why an employer may find a sample contract termination letter useful, including misconduct or redundancy. With the various legal implications involved in effectively ending a contract, it is vital a contract termination letter is accurate and does not leave the employer open to legal action. Here we provide a sample contract termination letter that will provide the main elements you need to include, though it must be noted that as this is a sample contract termination letter only, organizations will need to adapt it to suit their own requirements.

A sample contract termination letter

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms ...

Further to our conversation / meeting etc... on (date) I regret to inform you that your employment with us is terminated as of (date).
As stated previously, the reasons for the termination of your employment are:

 State the reasons (and how they contradict company policies and / or the employees contract)
 State previous warnings (verbal / written etc...).

(State requirements necessary preceding termination, such as return of company property, issues with pay etc...).

Yours etc ...

Name and title

(You may also add a section requiring the employee to sign and return a copy as a receipt).

As we have mentioned, this is a sample contract termination letter, and should the termination be due to redundancy, the tone and information might be quite different. In such cases, it should be stated clearly the termination of the contract is directly related to external forces and in no way reflects on the performance of the particular employee (which might have been excellent). A contract termination letter is often written under stressful circumstances, so it is critical you get it right to avoid unnecessary anguish or legal problems at a later stage.

Sample employment termination letter

The sample employment termination letter provided below provides an employer with a basic template they can use should the need arise. As each termination of employment is different, care should be given to ensuring the details you add are correct and specific to the case.

Naturally, an employment termination letter should only be given once other avenues of redress have been exhausted, and it is important whenever using a sample employment termination letter that you are fully aware of the legal rights and obligations on both sides. By dismissing someone, you are effectively cancelling a contract, and it is therefore essential you have the legal right to do so.

A sample employment termination letter

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms ...

Further to our conversation / communication on (date) I can confirm your employment with us will be terminated on (date).
As have been discussed already, the following are the reasons for your dismissal;

 Give specific reasons for the dismissal, with particular emphasis on how the employee's actions contravened company policy and / or the specific employee contract.

(Here you would describe issues regarding final payments, when the employee is able to collect his or her belongings and other related issues).

Yours etc ...

Name and title

As with all business letters, this example of a termination letter is neutral and formal in tone and style, and due to the seriousness of the issue this is essential.

It should be pointed out that the actual content of the letter may vary considerably on a case by case basis. In an employment termination letter to redundancy or other reason beyond the control of the employee, it must be stated explicitly that the employee is in no way to blame, and reasons for the termination should be given, as well as recommendations as to the employee's record if appropriate.

An example termination letter such as the one given above should provide the employer with an adequate template with which to frame an appropriate letter.

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