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Sample Actor Resume

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By Alan Leach
While being a good actor will get you a part, having a good actor's resume will get you an audition. Here we provide a sample actor resume that will enable you to see what an acting resume should look like.

Most sample actor resumes, like all good resumes, are brief. Casting managers do not have time to read through resumes of multiple pages, so keep to the pertinent points that are relevant to the position for which you are applying.

Some sample actor resumes that you will see will also contain photographs and personal details such as height and weight, as well as other characteristics. We have chosen not to provide such information here as what we are more concerned with is the format of the actor resume itself.

Following the sample actor resume we provide additional information about some of the main points the resume sample raises. We envisage this sample actor resume being useful for a number of actors, though obviously considerable alterations will need to be made to make it suitable for your own needs.

Sample Actor Resume

Peter Smith
123 North Street,
Sacramento, CA 12345,
(123) 987 8765


Cop shop Lieutenant Smith NBC
Life in the Gutter Homeless Man NBC
Nero Roman Gladiator SBS
Civil War Stonewall Jackson CBS
Life in Space Astronaut NBC

Feature Films:

Monkey Business Theatre Owner 20th Century Fox
Long Night Police Officer New Line
Babe Ruth Babe Ruth 20th Century Fox

Corporate Films:

Microsoft Businessman
US Marines Drill Sergeant

Special Skills:

Fluent in French
Advanced driving skills
Most sports


University of Maryland

Obviously, the more parts you have played the more impressive the resume will look but this is not always true on closer inspection. If you are attempting to get an audition for a police role, if many of your parts have been as a farmer for example, it might not appeal to the casting people.

The sample actor resume provided demonstrates the actor has a fairly broad range of previous jobs, though obviously the common theme in most of the parts is of a fairly masculine type, as illustrated by police and military roles.

What is also noticeable is that this actor either has no experience in theatre or chooses not to mention it. Most actors believe theatre experience is absolutely crucial in the forming of good acting ability. Perhaps the actor who wrote the sample actor resume above simply chose not to mention these roles and was already successful at getting certain roles without theatre training.

As an actor gets more experience, he or she can be choosy about which roles to mention in the resume, and could focus on larger roles that he or she was proud of, or roles that are more directly related to the present position.

A glance at the above sample resume by a casting team will give them a good overview of the range of acting jobs the applicant has had. Rather than providing large amounts of information, the writer has chosen a style that is clear and easy to read, and one that does not require more than 30 seconds to absorb.

The above applicant has chosen to place tv roles at the top of his resume. This might not always be the best thing to do, though it is probable in this case that the role that he is applying for is a tv role. The casting team may therefore be looking for someone that has previous experience specifically in tv, and will put a greater emphasis on this than on other media such as movies. Depending on the role for which you are applying therefore, you can alter the emphasis of your resume to suit this weighting.

We trust this sample actor resume will be useful for budding actors and those already in the trade to produce a professional document that best illustrates what the person is capable of, and thereby enabling he or she to be considered for more roles than before.

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