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Resume Writing Format - Resume Format Example

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By Jenna Litchfield
A resume-writing format is a key strength to know in achieving the best results from writing your resume, for example if a resume has been written and formatted really poorly, it will look tacky and unorganized in the employer's eyes.

But a nicely written formatted resume will look like the owner has put some effort into writing there resume, and takes pride in the appearance of their resume.
And the resume will tend to make a great deal of sense when it is put into a readable format.

A nicely written formatted resume consists of specific headings and areas that highlight different aspects of you career.

Most resumes consist of an area for your personal information like your name and contact details as below in the resume format example.
It is always a good idea to have your personal details written down, as they will have a way to contact you.

Then the next area is a personal summary or statement, which is a brief description or quote of you as a person, usually about how strong you are and what you are seeking.

Afterwards you're job experience or history comes next, always list where you worked, when you worked and what your position was at that company.
You can also list some key duties and tasks that you had to do, and also key events and achievements you accomplished while being employed.

After that we will be writing your qualifications and education, in which you list the dates you achieved these qualifications and the period of your schooling.
Always list where it was and what you achieved as well.

Then next you will be writing your referees into your resume these are the people that you worked for that are willing to be interviewed by future employees to ensure your work history is correct and evaluate you past work ethics.
Although you can also put, referees available on request if you don't wish to list them on your resume.

Resume format example

Personal information example:
Contact phone numbers (be sure to add your day and night time numbers when your writing your resume)
email address (if you wish to list it)

Personal summary or statement example:
A growing enthusiastic confident professional seeking new challenges in business administration.

Job history or experience example:

21st October 2003 - Present
Packerville lawyers and Co
Administration Assistant
-Control of all incoming and outgoing enquiries and personnel.
-Successful management office and all administrative duties.

August 4th 2001- October 2003
Enterprise Personnel
-Day to day customer service
-Management of large clientele base

Skills example:
Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint, HTML, Website Creation, Internet Search Engines and Directory Listings

Referees example:
Jordan Melter
Packerville lawyers and Co
(87) 426 9886

Lisa Pinkerton
Enterprise Personnel
(879) 526 9893

The above is just a rough example and format of what a resume should consist of when your writing a resume, it is just a layout of where particular headings and information should be.
Of course you can write as much information as you like when writing resume, as some peoples resumes are pages and pages long.
Do not limit yourself to one page like in the example above, if you have a lot of employers and information add them all even if it was working at a department store.

Remember when writing your resume to be completely truthful and to not write any fictional information into your resume, not only is it lying but also you can get in legal trouble over it.
Hopefully this will help you in writing your resume and that you can format it accordingly.

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