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Resume Cover Letter Template - Cover Letter Tip

By Jen
When writing a resume cover letter, you must always stick to the same template or rough format for all cover letters, but the information will always change.
So just a little tip have a template that is a base for whenever you need to write a resume cover letter, and then just add the different information and away you go, a job interview in no time.
Having a template format for a resume cover letter will help you extremely well in writing one, just imagine if you didn't have a template and you didn't know where to start when writing a cover letter! There could be some messy resume cover letters around!
Also a template keeps you on track with what to write and that it always remains professional and eye catching to the employers or whom ever tends to read your amazing resume cover letter.

Resume cover letters are the best tip in aiding you to secure a job interview as the reader will get the full impact of you and what your about without having to delve into the resume to find out anything.
It also encourages them to read more, for example they could think "oh wow this person sounds really great what else have the done" and they will proceed to read your resume or they could just look at a boring cover letter and they will think that there was no effort made in creating the cover letter so make sure that it is great!
And that your resume is just as great as your resume cover letter is so grab a template and learn how to write a really great cover letter.

Resume cover letter template:

The date that you wrote the resume cover letter.

Name of the person whom you are sending your resume cover letter to.
Address line one (the address of the person you are sending the resume cover letter to)
Address line two
Address line three

Dear Mr or Mrs whoever you are writing to:

Tip: Write here what you have achieved in your career and what you are seeking to expand in your career and what skills you wish to improve on, and state the position you are applying for and where it was advertised, and that your resume is enclosed.

Then state what you can bring the firm or company of the job you are applying for.

Then ask the person you are writing to, that your goal is to establish an interview time with them.
Then thank them and say that you look forward to hearing from them and seeing you soon.


Your name here.

A good tip to remember to proof read and spell check your resume cover letter, as every little spelling mistake and grammar mistake could make you look like you cant spell were in a rush or worse tip you off as un intelligent.

I hope the template and the tips above will help you in writing a really good cover letter if not, go to and they will have a lot of templates for you to browse through and gain knowledge and tips from.
And if those templates and tips don't work, try recruitment agencies and other companies that are skilled in finding people jobs.
Templates and tips for writing cover letters are everywhere over the internet, so just keep looking and there will be tips that are really helpful.

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