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Resume Career Objective - Sample Career Objective

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By Jenna Litchfield
When looking for a job, you must have a career objective either for your resume, your application letter, or even just for yourself!

The interviewer wants to see that you have goals and career objectives in your life and how you set out to achieve them and quite often they will ask you in an interview what your goals and career objectives are so be ready to answer that question when it comes.

Career objectives are usually at the top of resumes under your personal information so they are quite noticeable and the readers read it first before reading anything else in the resume and it needs to make a big impact and make the reader want to read the rest of your resume, a great career objective makes a great resume.

Writing a fantastic career objective to put in your resume or wherever is quite a task, the career objective has to communicate enough information to the interviewer but not too much.

A great career objective is obtained by basing the career objective on the specific type of job you want and the job you are currently going for as you can use different career objectives with job applications; you change your resume just by changing your career objective.
And always the career objective will be emphasizing what you can do for the employer, where you want to work, what you want to do and where you want to work right now. It has to be simple precise and to the point, not "fluffy" as in the sample below.
Try not to make the resume career objective too long as it will take up space in your resume.

Most career objectives will have a specific job title, a specific industry you want to work in and specific skills and experience that you want to utilize in the position.
Think about what the employer will be thinking and asking for example "What's so special about this applicant? And why are they better than the others? Try to get your career objective to answer those two questions.
They will be getting a sample of your great personality and skills and how great you will be working for them.
A sample career objective that you could put in a resume is listed below this sample is for an office management role.
If this sample does not help you, there is plenty of sample career objectives on the Internet to browse and don't forget to ask your friends if they have them, they can help too.

Sample Career Objective:

I am a Office Administrator working in a recruitment agency specializing in the placement of all industrial and commercial professionals in the work industry.
Prior to my office administrator position I worked in several businesses with positions ranging from a receptionist to an office assistant before making my way to office administrator.
I have also held position in customer services as a call center representative at DataColl and have also managed crew at McDonalds.
My experience has enabled me to learn and develop skills necessary to deal with day to day management of people, the clientele of a business and day to day office duties.

With my several years of experience I find my profession challenging and exciting.
I wish to share my knowledge of office management and my communication skills with those who will benefit the most from it.

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