Registered Nurse Sample Resume - Free Nursing Resume Sample

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Registered Nurse Sample Resume - Free Nursing Resume Sample

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By Jenna Litchfield
To write a successful nursing resume, you need to be able to put all your skills and knowledge into one tidy presentable and professional resume, of course all the information has to be relevant to the position.
So every little achievement, and recommendation, or educational learning and experience has to be listed on this registered nursing resume.

So consider the special skills and expertise needed in the required field you are creating this resume for, you need to show the readers that you have a vast dept of knowledge as we have done in the free registered nursing sample resume below,

Also you will need to create an impression, a good friendly impression, your personality must shine through and you must be able to portray an ability to empathize with patients and family.
Remember to list all your contact details in your registered nursing resume, as of course you will need to be contacted if your application will go any further see below in the free sample we have included, phone contact details, postal addresses, and email addresses.
Also a personal statement or objective is a good way of explaining to future prospective employers what you want to and how you want to do it in your registered nursing resume, like we have done in the free sample resume below.
A section devoted to your skills and attributes like the one we have in the free registered nursing sample resume below is a good way to list some of your good points and skills that you value in yourself, that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

Don't forget to list your educational history as we have done in the free registered nursing sample resume below, of course everyone wants to know if your qualified and where you got this qualification and most of all what the qualification was.

I hope the free registered nurse sample will help you as a guide on how to create your very own registered nurse resume. Of course many companies will not give out free advice on how to create perfect industry specific resumes, but if you look hard enough, there is an abundance of free registered nurse samples and advice that will help you on the internet.
Free registered nurse sample resume.

Jan Wilkinson
154 Market Street
Home: (514) 524-1114
Cell: (545) 514-1255

Personal Objective:
Seeking a professional position, with a busy constructive hospital, where my professional skills, knowledge, and work experience can be used to the best of my ability and can benefit the hospital and the patients the most.

Attributes and Skills:
Calm and professional during times of need.
Empathetic and friendly personality towards employees, patients and family.
Proven record of loyalty, trustworthiness and a very willing ability to learn.
Great analytical skills, the ability to assess conditions and implement appropriate intervention quickly.
Work history:
Saint Josephs Hospital, Townsville, FF
Staff Nurse

Scheduled patient admissions, discharges, assessed patient status and clinical changes that physicians need to be notified about.
Educated family, and patients on health care issues.
Provided patient care for up to twelve patients, maintained confidential patient charts and files.
General correspondence between departments regarding patients and their care.
Providing assistance to Nursing Managers and Evaluating staffing requirements.
Saint Josephs Hospital, Townsville, FF
Staff Nurse

Assisted with admittance and discharge of patients, provided patient care and provided health care education to patients and family members.
Assessed patient's conditions and advised status changes, as well as monitoring and maintaining patient charts.
Performed all clinical tasks to a satisfactory level according to hospital polices, assisted the orientation of new staff members.

Saint Josephs Hospital, Townsville, FF
1995- 1998
Nursing Aid

Provided quality, friendly and empathetic care to patients.
Managed and updated confidential patient information files
Administered shots to patients, including insulin and local anesthetic.
Assisted nursing staff in the care of all patients, duties included, bathing, changing, feeding and all general assistance duties.
Educational History:
Townsville University, Townsvilee, FF
1990- 1994
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Townsville College, Townsville, FF
1989- 1990
MSc in Health Care Management

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