Office Manager Job Description - General Manager Job Description

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Office Manager Job Description - General Manager Job Description

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By Alan Leach
Office manager job description
This office manager job description describes the main duties and tasks expected of an office manager. In doing so, this job description takes into account that the specific role of office manager may vary widely from organization to organization.

Nevertheless, any office manager role will almost certainly share some basic characteristics, irrespective of organization. Essentially then, an office manager job description should include the need to oversee and organize the administrative tasks undertaken in an office environment.

An office manager will be responsible for ensuring the office runs as smoothly as possible, and as such any office manager job description should include the ability to find ways of increasing efficiency. An office manager job involves finding new ways of solving problems, which might include anything from streamlining the amount of paperwork involved to organizing the office space to maximize efficiency.

An office manager must have excellent people skills, as a glance at any job description will demonstrate how much of this role is taken up by dealing with people in a variety of settings, both individually and in groups. It is therefore assumed that an office manager can achieve results while still building good relationships with others.

A job description may also include the need for evaluating other staff members. While the frequency of this varies from company to company, an office manager must be able to appraise others in a fair and honest way, and be sensitive to the feelings of the people being evaluated.

Naturally, the two major skills required and which will be evident in a job description are both the ability to manage both people and resources and administrative ability. Typically, an office manager will have about five years experience in administration, and will be more than capable of training others in particular areas.

general manager job description
A description of a general manager job is hindered somewhat by the fact that the role can vary considerably depending on a number of factors, not least of which is the size of the organization involved. A general manager job description in a small company would be considerable different from a large multi-national.

Having said that, we can at least give a description of some generic points that many general manager job descriptions might share. A general manager is essentially someone who manages the different elements of an organization to ensure all are running smoothly and all are integrated with each other.

While a marketing manager might be a specialist in marketing, a general manager is expected to have broader skills, and be able to see the overall direction of the organization, as well as be able to make decisions as to how to improve the operations of the organization.

In some cases, a CEO job description and a general manager job description may be similar. In particular, both roles require the person to be able to monitor each area of the company simultaneously, and make adjustments when necessary. Like a CEO, a general manager has to ensure all the different departments know what the others are doing, and creating a synergy among them is crucial to success.

Also like a CEO job description, a general manager may ultimately be responsible for the overall success of the company, and may therefore enjoy many rewards and benefits.

Naturally, a general manager position is suitable for someone with considerable experience in managing people and resources, and the post may be given to a head of department or from outside the company.

As we have seen, a general manager job description requires someone with a number of skills and talents, as well as the experience and personality to make the role a success.

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