Job Application For Teen - Filling Out Job Application

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Job Application For Teen - Filling Out Job Application

By Jenna Litchfield
Filling out a job application for a teenager is always going to be hard as most teenagers are very nervous and scared at this stage of life and some have no idea what to write about when filling out job applications.

Teen job applications come in various sizes ranging from one page forms or two or three page forms so don't be scared at all of the size, it is just a companies way of screening you before they accept you for a job interview or for a position.
And don't be scared of the word screening, sounds scary doesn't it, but its just so the company can sort through the applicants and find out who they like best based on credentials and skills.

Do not be offended if you do not get the job, you just might not of been what they were looking for, so onward and upwards to another job.

With filling job applications, the employers can find out additional information that you might have not put on your resume so be prepared for questions such as "Do you have a clean drivers license?" don't be offended by this question, this is used if you are applying for a job that involves driving, and if you do have traffic offenses the employers can see whether or not you would be good to hire.

With filling out a teen job application you are going to need a resume so if you don't have one of those, get cracking and make one, ask your mom and dad, or sisters or someone that can help you make a resume.

One thing you will need to remember when filling the application form out is to always fill out teen job applications honestly and correctly and if you need help with a certain question asked in the teen job application never be afraid to ask some one for help.
If you are filling your job applications with lies you will be found out as there are ways for employers to check your history.

Another thing to remember is never put any negative information on the teen job application, if you got fired from a job or something equally as bad happened do not put this on the teen job application, you want to convince the employers to give you a job.
Also do not mention any salary requirements when filling out your application, if the question is asked in the teen job application please state negotiable, if you put an amount in that is too high or too low you might not be chosen for an interview.

Remember what job you are applying for and tailor your answers to match the job you are applying for, for example if you are applying for a job in the customer service area like a retail job, talk more about your communication skills and so forth.

Also remember to read the questions and instructions carefully when filling in the application so that you answer the teen job application right and if you don't have an answer for a certain question just state "non applicable".

And keep your handwriting as neat as possible when filling it out, a messily filled out job application will not appease the employers, if you make a mistake use some white out and try not to bend fold, tear or rip the application form either, remember tidiness counts big time!

Remember to proof read your resume before you hand it in, make sure everything is correct, and matches your resume and also that is tidy neat and readable.

What you will when filling out a teen job application:
Black or blue Pen if you are not supplied with a pen already.
Your resume
Social security card
Drivers license
Addresses and phone numbers of previous employers, and also the salaries you were on at each position.

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