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Job Application Cover Letter - Career Change Cover Letter

By Jenna Litchfield
Most job application cover letters are basically explaining what you have done in your past career and jobs and why your experience is great and why it will suit the job you are applying for.
Whether it is in a different location or in a different industry or career.
But some people need to change careers or relocate for different reasons so they need to explain that in an application cover letter in a professional way.

A basic job application cover letter consists of where you are in your career why you want to apply for the job and why you are the best for it.

A career change can sometimes be really scary so applying for jobs that you may or may not of worked in before can be daunting.
But usually the interviewers will be intrigued as to why you chose this job and industry to apply for over the one you were or still are in, they will think you have a general interest in the industry.
And they WILL ask you why you chose the industry as well and why you changed careers, so be prepared to answer those questions with ease.

With job and career changes you will have to state WHY in your job application cover letter you made those changes in your career, but try not to elaborate too much, saying that you are leaving the industry because you got into a catfight with an area representative is just plain not a good idea in a cover letter and in general.
Just state that you felt like you needed a change of career and you liked the idea of this particular industry and the challenges it would give you, and that you can learn new skills and you might be able to put your current skills to use as well and that the change of industry and career is refreshing.
Also state in your career change application cover letter that you think the application of your current skills can be a vital commodity in the industry and to their company.
But most of all don't be afraid of change in your career or jobs; it can lead you to many wondrous things and maybe more changes.

Also when moving to a new state or relocating, you must state that in your application cover letter as well, or some employers or job interviewers will be thinking why your applying for a job in New York when you live in Texas.
Explain to them in your application cover letter that you are moving and relocating to the location of the company (wherever that may be) because your partner has a position or whatever reason that it may be.
Sometimes it may be hard to get a position over the locals if you have not relocated yet but keep trying as some one will see your great potential sooner or later.

Employers like it when you are honest with them in your applications and in your cover letters that are about yourself and your career and tell them the truth, its just no use trying to be some one your not with all the reference checks that can happen to day not to mention police checks as well.
So make sure that your application cover letters are the absolute truth.

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