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Interview Question To Ask - Question To Ask In An Interview

By Leeanne Utiger
Applying for a job in employment is a large step to take as you approach the workforce aspect of your life. Even more daunting can be the interview itself for a position you have been interested in and applied for. This article is about learning about which questions are appropriate for you to ask at the job interview you are attending.

Every position and job applied for will require different skills and varying levels of skill and social attributes and qualities. Each position and job applied for will have its own unique and individual description and responsibilities attached to it. You should bear this in mind when you are considering what questions would be the appropriate questions to be asked in each particular interview. The point I am making here is, questions you may ask in a job interview relating to a waitresses position in the workforce can vary to those questions you may choose to ask in an interview for a position of a bank teller. In saying this however, there will always be standard and appropriate questions that you can ask in any job interview for any position.

During an interview, the interviewer who is interviewing you should give you room to ask some questions of your own in the interview. Interviewers will always ask questions of you as the applicant, as this helps them to determine more about you as a person and also about the skills you possess and at what level. However it is important that you are as an applicant are given the opportunity to ask questions of your own in an interview.

There are a number of questions you should consider asking in any interview you attend. The more you ask questions in an interview, the more confident you will become at asking questions in an interview. Below I have listed some of the more appropriate and necessary questions you could, or should ask when you are attending an interview for a position you have applied for.

Questions to ask in an Interview
How will my performance be measured and monitored and assessed?

What are my daily responsibilities?

What are the required skills and personal attributes needed for this position?

What are the policies of your company regarding ongoing training for this position or for advancement?

What sort of work can the first year of employment in this position provide for me?

How often will my performance be reviewed?

How much assistance is made available to new staff?

They are a few questions that are often recommended to be asked in an interview. There are more questions you can consider asking while you are attending an interview. Some questions should only be approached and asked if the employer raises the issue her or himself. These questions relate to salary and benefits.

You may want to consider asking questions such as:
How many sick days are allowed on an annual basis?

When does a new employee become entitled to holiday leave?

What are the normal hours of a working day within your business?

Does this position involve weekend work?

These are questions that will help you determine whether the position you have applied for, and are attending a job interview for is really the position for you, and if all of the requirements for the position suit you. Sometimes a position will not be fully advertised and small details like weekend rostering will not be mentioned until you are attending an interview. Some people cannot possibly work on weekends due to family commitments. So as you can see, some questions are of importance for some people, while the same questions might not hold the same relevance to others.

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