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Human Resources Job Description - Human Resource Manager Job Description

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By Alan Leach
Human resources job description

While we may often think of someone involved in human resources as the person who might be interviewing us for a particular position, Human resources actually covers a number of roles within and outside an organization, including recruiters, placement managers, human resource managers and more.

In providing this job description therefore, we concentrate on the general skills and qualifications someone would probably need as well as the personal attributes that would be considered useful.

Of course, the essential job description for a human resources role includes the need to find the best candidates for the roles available within any particular organization. This narrow focus has widened in recent years and now it is widely agreed that most people involved in human resources have a key role to play in providing strategic advice to senior management.

A key part of any job description for human resources is the need to deal with people. Whichever specific role in human resources you are involved in, the likelihood is that you will spend a large part of the working day dealing with people. Consequently, a human touch and the ability to form person-to-person relationships is all-important.

For most human resource positions where you are specifically involved with matching the right candidate to the right position, it is of course essential that you understand the business and the particular role in some detail.

Being able to read people is another important skill for someone in human resources, as it is often what is unsaid at an interview that can be enlightening. With so many aids for interviews available these days, it can often be difficult to differentiate between candidates on answers alone, which is why reading people can be such an important skill to possess.

Human resource manager job description

With more and more organizations looking to their human resource department to give them an extra edge, it is essential the job description for an HR manager details the tasks a manager must perform.
In large organizations, a human resource manager is often the link between an executive of human resources and the rest of the human resource team. As such, the job description of a human resource manager is essentially the task of implementing the policies formulated by the executive.

Again, the job description of a human resource manager will vary widely depending on the size and particular focus of the organization. In some small companies the job description will be all-encompassing, and include many aspects of human resource management. At much larger companies, there may be several human resource managers, each of whom is responsible for a particular area of human resources, such as compensation or training.

Like all managers, a human resource manager needs to be not only proficient in all areas of human resources but also have managerial skills. While the leadership focus may come from the HR executive at large companies, basic managerial skills such as planning and organizational ability are essential.

What is more, just like human resource job descriptions, a human resource manager job description must include the ability to work well with other people, and this is particular essential for a manager, as you will be dealing with subordinates, superiors and others on a daily basis.

A sample human resource resume should therefore at a minimum include a tertiary degree, preferably somehow related to human resources. With an increase in the number of graduates, the more closely related the degree is to the position the better. A more general tertiary degree will be acceptable if there is some work experience in this field, while a sample human resource resume for a manager should include considerable specialized HR experience and some managerial experience if possible.

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