How To Write A Simple Resume - Help Writing Your Resume

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How To Write A Simple Resume - Help Writing Your Resume

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By Jenna Litchfield
Ok writing a resume or Curriculum Vitae, as some people like to call it, is not as daunting as some people think it is and help is only a word away.
All a simple resume is really is your history, where you have worked and where you have studied and maybe a little personal contact information.
Don't be alarmed and scream, "help" if you see another resume that is simply huge and bulging with qualifications and work experience and doesn't look simple at all.
You have to start some where with a resume, even if it is only a page long it is still a resume and the more you work the bigger your resume will grow.

Also when writing resumes you can create and design it whichever way you want, the design and format you use can change depending on the job you are applying for.
For example if you were applying for a graphic design job your resume will be very creative illustrating your talents.
Some people also write completely different resumes depending on which industry they apply for, for example you can have a sales resume for all your sales positions, then you can have write management resume or a customer service administration resume.
All you have to do is highlight and discuss in more depth the positions you were in and what skills you gained and used relevant to which position you are applying for.

The first bit of help when writing a simple resume is that you must sit down and think about everywhere you worked.
Write down the company name, the position you held and how long you were there for and also who was your boss or head of department.

And list their contact numbers as well as you will be able to use your previous employers as references, this means that the future employers can contact your previous workplaces about how you worked and related to other people and this will help you to secure a great job.
Don't forget to write down all the skills, duties and achievements you did while you were employed at each job.

The next step of help in how to write a simple resume is to write down and list every place you were educated at, like universities, technical institutes, high schools etc.
Write down the names of the educational institutes, the years you went to school and the grades and achievements you received.

However you will also need have proof of these results, and will also need photocopies of your certificates, diplomas etc to go into your simple resume as well.
However remember never to put the originals into a resume as the resume could get accidentally lost in the mail or damaged and your originals could be ruined forever.

Now you will need to put all this information together in a readable format, I recommend using a computer to type your simple resume on to as writing a resume by hand is un formal and sometimes messy.
A simple resume always looks professional when it is typed and printed on A4 pieces of paper and or bunched together with a clear folder.

Now of course you have the choice of a cover page for your resume that you can design however you want or you can put your name just at the head of the page if you want to keep it simple.

Next you will be writing a list of all your personal information like age, your address, your contact numbers and an email address.

Next step when writing a resume you can add a personal statement, or objective, this is basically just want you want to achieve career wise and want you want to achieve with the position you are applying for.
Basically you are selling yourself to the employer reading your resume.

Next you will be writing your work experience or history into your resume.
First of all you will list the name of the company you worked for then, the dates you were there, then list your position.
The next thing to list will be your duties and responsibilities, repeat this until you have covered everywhere that you have worked.

The next to list is your education history, the format for this is, name of the place you studied, what years you attended and then the grades and achievements you acquired.

Then after that you can list your referees; these are the people that employed you at previous jobs or people that worked with you.
Here you will list the names of these peoples, the company they worked at, their position and then their contact details.

If you still need help writing a simple resume, there are a lot of examples of resumes on the net, if not then you can ask family and friends to show you theirs and help you out with anything.
And if you require more help when writing resumes, don't forget to ask recruitment agencies as they help find jobs for people and can help you in your writing as well.

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