How To Write A Professional Resume - Free Professional Resume Sample

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How To Write A Professional Resume - Free Professional Resume Sample

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By Alan Leach
How to write a professional resume

For almost all of us these days, knowing how to write a professional resume is a key skill. Getting a professional or highly-sought after job is a competition, where you need to make sure you have advantages over your rivals. Knowing how to write a professional resume can give you these advantages.

One of the mistakes that many make when they write is the length of the resume. A sample of bad resumes will show you this. Avoid the temptation when learning how to write a professional resume to include every single award won or job you have had. A professional resume is short, and more than two pages is certainly too long. Use as few words as possible to express yourself. You will come across as professional, articulate and to the point, qualities which are in high demand. Again, if you browse resume samples that have been written well, you will notice how brief they are.

Learning how to write a professional resume is in many ways learning to understand yourself. A resume should accurately reflect the strengths and abilities that you have, and should write these clearly for your reader. Avoid any negative descriptions of yourself. A resume is the chance to sell yourself, so imagine it just like a commercial. Provide the facts and cast yourself in as positive a light as possible.

Avoid anything that is superfluous to the making of a short professional resume. When you write the resume, avoid information about hobbies and voluntary work unless they are directly related to the job you are applying for. Avoid jargon and use simple yet powerful vocabulary to get your viewpoint across in the quickest possible way.

One key point to remember when learning how to write a professional resume is to focus on your achievements. Prospective employers want to know what you can do for them, not what they can do for you. Use past experiences to illustrate how you benefited the organization you were working for with your contribution.

Free professional resume sample

If you need a professional resume example, we now explain what a professional resume should look like. Naturally, every resume is different depending on the position you are applying for as well as issues such as experience and qualifications.

To start this free professional resume sample example, begin with your name and contact details. Marital status and age are not suitable for a professional resume. Follow this with your objective. Professional resumes have this near the top of the resume so that potential employers can quickly read what it is you want from a position and they can evaluate whether your needs and theirs are intertwined.

Write the summary of achievements section next. Obviously, this is just an example. If you do not have any notable achievements related to the position then it is not necessary to use one. A professional resume then follows with experience and education sections in that order. Give the facts, and mention the skills and responsibilities that were learned or enhanced. If you take a look at other free professional resume samples you will again notice how brief most of them are, as well as being free of clutter. Many people make the mistake of thinking a long resume looks more impressive. This is not the case, and every attempt should be made to limit the professional resume to no more than two pages.

Of course, all free professional resume examples will contain no errors. To say that your resume should be free from language errors is a mild understatement. Do not rely merely on a few close friends or a software grammar check. If at all possible, have your work checked by professionals. It is not free, but cost is more than offset with a successful appointment so see it as a wise investment.

There are many free professional resume samples available on the internet, so feel free to research this area thoroughly before you write your professional resume.

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