How To Write A Good Cover Letter - How To Create A Cover Letter

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How To Write A Good Cover Letter - How To Create A Cover Letter

By Jen
A good cover letter is going to land you an interview, or better still a job if all things go to plan.
A good cover letters as the first thing, employers or job interviewers are going to see once they open your resume file on a computer or open the envelope it comes in etc.

You want to be able to create a good cover letter that will state what you want, what you have and what you can do to the best of your ability and how you can do it with that company and to tell them why and how you are better than everyone else.
Basically a cover letter that is going to scream out to the employers, that will get them to go "I want to talk to them, lets get them in for an interview"

Be careful not to write the good cover letter too short or too long, it has to be straight to the point and very formal.

You can write good cover letters by hand, some companies actually ask for hand written applications sometimes, however a good cover letter typed out on a computer in a formal letter format will look the best.

You can also create and put letter heads on the top of the letter like most business's have on their letters, this shows that you are prepared to market yourself as a business, as some one that appreciates them selves and don't forget it will create a look that is ever so professional!

However always remember if you are going to write a good cover letter on a computer, to stick to readable and professional fonts, very creative fonts are just plain unreadable.

Basically when you write or create a good cover letter, you will need to start off with the date that you created the good cover letter, then the address of the person that you are sending the good cover letter too and their postal address.

Then of course you will start to write your letter, your good cover letter will need to explain in depth and in a short amount of words what your all about.

Start off with what you are doing your position etc, what you have learnt and then write what you seek to obtain from your career.

Then write that you are applying for that position with their company, and list why you think you would be great for the position and list what you have to offer.

And also state that you are looking forward to obtaining an interview and would enjoy discussing the position with them and thank them for their consideration in reading the letter.

That is the basic format of creating good cover letter, you will learn to perfect this the more you write and create good cover letters, always take note of the good cover letters you used to gain interviews in the past as you could use them as a base letter of what to write in a new cover letter.

However remember that every good cover letter you create must be different for every job that you apply for as you are telling them why and how you are great for that position and the next job you apply for could be something different so you will need to create and adapt your good cover letter to the job.

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