High School Student Resume - How To Write A College Resume

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High School Student Resume - How To Write A College Resume

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By Jenna Litchfield
High School Student Resume
So you've graduated from high school and now you're looking for a great job with a great company, but you have no idea how to write a high school student resume.
Below we have a sample of a high school students resume, it will give you an idea how to write a resume or where to put relevant information on your own high school student resume, and how to format your own high school student resume.
Basically if you have had any summer jobs, or internships the best thing to do is list those down along with your high school history as below in the High School Student Resume Sample below.

High School Student Resume Sample

Paula Martha
546 Wayborne Street
Grey Island
(09) 876 8765

Career objective/Profile:
A hard working and enthusiastic high school student graduate looking to find an administration position with a successful company.
Can work on own or part of a dynamic team, and am very willing to show and use skills that have been previously learnt at summer administration job.
I have excellent communication skills and wish to share them with a productive company.

Grey Island High School - Graduated with honors In English with a GPA of 3.8


Lawson Software Limited.
Office Assistant/Intern
Assisted office administrator and receptionist with daily duties.
Handled Incoming phone calls
Word processing and Data Entry

Interests at school were the social club, and also gymnastics

Joseph Martin
Tel: (776) 245 5556

Shannon Right
Tel: (776) 245 6659

College Resume

When you graduate from college you are now out in the workforce, you are not a student anymore so you need to know how to write a college resume to help you obtain that job you've always wanted.
When you write a college resume you will need to include all the experiences you have had at college (work related).

The employer wants to see what you have learnt while being at college when you write your college resume, to see what you have gained and what experienced

You will not need to include your high school information just the relevant college information and work experience is needed when you write your college resume.

Also include in you college resume all the professional clubs, or organizations you were in however any leadership roles you might of undertaken while you were at college can be included too.

Ok now when you write a college resume you are going to start off with your personal information, include your name, your current postal address and contact numbers and possibly an email address.

The next thing when you write you college student resume is listing your objective; this is what you want to obtain from a career, for example, to obtain a challenging and rewarding position in the Marketing field.

Next you can list your competencies or skills, these are going to be the words that sell your self, you can list things from, excellent customer service skills, the ability to work alone or as a team, focuses, hard working and enthusiastic, all those can be listed under this heading when you learn how to write your resume.

Next will be your education area, how do I complete that? List here the college you studied at, what you studied and what you majored and minored in.
Also any other relevant information you learnt of skills you acquired while at college.
Also any responsibilities you had at college and what clubs or organizations you were in.

Next we will list all your work experience, this can be anything from summer intern jobs to anything.
Always list where you worked, what dates you were employed and what tasks you performed when you write your college resume.

Last or not least you might like to add some information on the hobbies or interests of yourself.

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