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Health Care Resume Sample - Sample Medical Resume

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By Jenna Litchfield
When writing a medical health care resume or any resume you must have a quick plan of how you are going to go about writing a resume, if you have written a resume before you will have an idea of how to write one, but if you do not know how to write a resume you will hindered dramatically in the stakes of getting a job.
So below we have a sample medical health care resume of a family doctor or a general practitioner, and with any resume we have divided the resume up into sections of information.
The first in the medical health care sample being personal information, here is where you will list your name and address, your contact numbers and a email address, this is so if you want your resume sent back to you it can be, or if the potential employer wants to contact you for a interview they can do so, there is no point sending a resume and the employer finds out they have no way of contacting that person at all.
The other sections in the sample medical health care resume are self explanatory, the reader will want to know where, what and when for most things, e.g. employment experience and educational experience.
The most important thing for someone in the medical health care industry is that they studied and obtained a medical or health care qualification; no one wants an unqualified family doctor giving health advice out to them, so you must list where you studied and what you studied.
Be prepared for the employers to ask for a confirmation of your studies, e.g. producing a certificate or diploma from the institute you studied at, or a phone number to contact a lecturer.
In the sample medical health care resume below you can add more headings if you wish to express more information, the sample below is to just give you a rough idea of where to position certain information and how to set it out.
For example you can add a skills and attributes section, or a career overview section, you can add an achievements section as well, don't be afraid of how long your resume is, the more they know about you the better, but do not turn it into a autobiography, remember you are trying to sell yourself to the potential employer so you have to show them why you are so perfect for the position.
Also in the medical health care resume sample below we have added down the bottom a referees section and then stated underneath it "referees available on request" this is so you don't have to list your referees if you don't want too, this is handy as well if you do not move on to the next stage after a interview.
If they are interested in hiring you they will ring your referees and talk to them about your work ethic.

Sample medical health care resume

Sarah Bruthers
123 Roadway Street
Townsville, 555896
Phone: (09) 225 6659

Personal Statement:
To obtain a position as general practitioner at a successful company where I can utilize my skills that will benefit the company.

Employment History:

Townsville Medical Center
Position: Family doctor
Dates: 2003-2006
Main Duties and Responsibilities:
Worked with four other family doctors
Diagnosis, treatment and referrals of patients
Daily administrative duties, patient records, database management.
Monthly meetings

Townsville Hospital
Position: Staff Physician
Dates: 2000-2003
Diagnosis, treatment and referrals of patients
Managed nursing staff
Data entry, database management
General paperwork

Educational History:

Townsville University, Townsville
Dates: 1996-2000
Qualification: Doctorate of Medicine


Available on request

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