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Functional Resume Sample - Sample Resume Letter

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By Jenna Litchfield
When writing a functional resume, you must have a functional layout, other wise things could be come a tad confusing, messy and just down right unreadable.
A couple of thing to firstly remember is to have your functional resume printed, using a word processing computer, preferably print your resume in black ink on white paper, as this looks incredibly professional, but please remember to use a readable font, no little hearts or picture fonts are to be used.
Next collaborate all your information, this includes all your certificates, qualifications, work history and contact numbers, you need all this to sell yourself to the employer!

Next we need to create a general layout of your functional resume, here is a quick sample list of what should be included in your functional resume:
Cover Letter
Cover Page
Personal Information
Personal Statement or Objective
Skills or Attributes
Employment History
Educational History (including tertiary study or higher education)
Interests/hobbies (this is purely optional, we have included it in our sample but you don't have to)
Referees list

Now we will break these sample resume headings down into groups and discuss them, the cover letter is what is going to get the employer to read your functional resume, it is going to introduce you briefly and state your intentions.
This of course will be printed neatly and in a very formal style, also if you can, you can create a fashionable letter head on your cover letter, remember your selling yourself so do the best you can with everything.
If you need any further help with your cover letters check out for help with cover letters, they can give you free samples as well.

Sample Functional Resume cover letter:

Sarah Jonston
154 Wally Way
(09) 215 6895

Tuesday, May 23rd 2006

Dear Margaret Bowster,
I would like to apply for the position of Administration Assistant as per advertised in this weeks Weekly Times.
I have many skills I would like to put forward to use with your company, as I have had many years working in the administration side of companies, starting off as a office junior and growing to a Receptionist.
I also have a qualification in Business Administration as well as I felt I needed to further my skills in this industry.

Enclosed is my resume and I hope to succeed in obtaining an interview with you to discuss my work history and skills as I feel I can benefit your company a great deal.

(Sign your signature here, will make your functional cover letter look professional)

Sarah Jonston

Other headings for a sample functional resume.
Personal information:
Ok here is where you list your name, this includes first and last names, your postal address, and your contact phone numbers as well as a email address these are vital if you are to be contacted for future interviews.

Personal statement or objective:
Here is where you state where you have come from and what you want to do with your life. Much like a cover letter except shorter.

Skills of Attributes:
This is where you state all your skills, eg what computer programs you know how to use, how fast you type etc.

Employment History:
Here is where you list where you have worked and when, be sure to say what the company was and what your position was, as well as all the responsibilities you had.

Educational History:
List here all the places you studied, including high schools, colleges and what qualifications you earned.

Here if you wish you can list what you enjoy doing, to give the employee a back ground history of yourself.

Referees list:
This is a list of people the prospective employer can contact to verify your employment and talk about your work ethics.
In the sample resume we have listed the employer and their contact numbers as well as the name of their employment.

Functional Resume sample:

Sarah Jonston
154 Wally Way
(09) 215 6895
Email address:

Career Objective:
To use my skills and experience to further my self in administrative field, and give my all to the company that can benefit the most from it.

Skills/ Competencies:
Microsoft office packages
Microsoft Database
Adobe programs, illustrator, acrobat reader, Photoshop and Pagemaker.
Customer service skills, eye for detail, team working skills

Work Experience:
Townsville Marketing Co
Office Administrator
Part time and summer position
Provided assistance to the receptionist and to other members of team.
Managed pay roll duties, filing and accounts.

Townsville Marketing Co
Office Assistant
Provided assistance to the office administrator, and relieved receptionist on occasions.
Filing, data entry, incoming calls.

Claydon Womans Wear, Townsville
1999 - 2000
Retail Assistant
Summer position
Handled all customer inquiries and sales, stocking up and stock takes.

Educational History:

Townsville University
Majored in Business Administration, with a minor in Marketing

Townsville High School
Graduated 2000

Running, swimming, wind surfing.


Jefferey Parker
Branch Manager
Townsville Marketing Co
(887) 998 9987

Alisha Marcus
Store Manager
Claydon Womans Wear
(887) 998 9987

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