Free Teacher Resume Sample - Example Of Teacher Resume

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Free Teacher Resume Sample - Example Of Teacher Resume

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By Alan Leach
Free teacher resume sample

Teaching is once again becoming a popular profession for both graduates and those who already have some work experience. Being a teacher can be a rewarding experience, and there can be few things more enjoyable in life than knowing you are contributing to the way young people grow up.

Here we provide a free teacher resume sample for those of you looking at applying for a teaching position. Of course, there are a great many teacher positions out there, so while this free teacher resume sample is generic to give you some help, a real teacher resume would be tailored to the particular position.

Free teacher resume sample

Peter Jones
111 Sample Street
Sacramento, California 10101
Home: (111) 222-3333
Cell: (111) 212-2121

Position as a History Teacher.

California Secondary Certificate in History, March 2000

History Teacher, 2000 - Present
Freetown High School, Sacramento, CA

- Taught European and American history to 10th -12th graders.
- Introduced new learning materials into classes.
- Tutored students needing individual help.
- Marked student tests throughout the year.
- Organized a number of field trips to places of interest.

Student Teacher, 1999 - 2000
Lincoln High School, Sacramento, CA

- Taught American history to a diverse group of students.
- Implemented more dynamic ways of teaching topics.
- Tutored individual students and organized field trips.

Relevant Interests
Civil War re-enactments, piano, squash.

B.A., History, 1999
University of Texas, TX

The free sample given above can be used as a template or example for when you come to write your own resume. Feel free to adapt any or all of the free sample so that it is relevant to your situation.

This free teacher resume sample is deliberately brief in order to give you a quick example of a resume, but you may find you will need to provide more information in your example.

Example of teacher resume
Like most jobs, applying for a teaching position requires a resume that highlights the skills and experience that are necessary for the role, and ably demonstrate you can add something to the organization.

This free example of a teacher resume aims to do just this, and can be edited and changed to suit your own needs. It is important when writing your teacher resume to take time with it, as a well-presented and accurate resume is perhaps more important for a teacher than some other professions.

This free resume example will at least allow you to get an idea of a possible format for your resume, and with only minor changes it should be good to go.

Example of teacher resume

Annie Sample
111 Free Street
Sacramento, California 10101
Home: (121) 222-3333
Cell: (121) 212-2121

Position as an English and Drama Teacher in a Secondary School.

California Secondary Certificate in English, May 2002

English and Drama Teacher 2002 - Present
Example High School, Sacramento, CA

- Organized productions of a number of plays.
- Developed curriculum based on dynamic learning.
- Coached gifted acting students after school.
- Taught English classes to a variety of classes.

B.A., English, 2002
University of Texas, TX

Relevant Interests
Theater and drama, music, and cycling.

The above free example of a teacher resume is very brief just to give you a sample of what a teacher resume should look like, and you should certainly aim to tailor the resume to your skills and experience.

We hope this free example of a resume will prove useful for you and hope that it helps you to get that dream teaching position you have been looking for.

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