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Free Resume Writing Tip - Free Resume Writing Example

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By Jenna Litchfield
When applying for a job or position with a company, you will have to have a resume.
A resume is a collection of papers of information and on them would be your history, your work history, your education history and some personal information about yourself.
You are introducing yourself to the reader and trying to get them to think that you are the perfect person for that position they have advertised.
Of course when writing a resume you cannot lie, as you will be found out so a good tip is to always make sure that when writing a resume that everything you put in a resume is utterly true.
Below we have a range of tips to help you write a resume, the tips range from what to write in a resume and what not to put in a resume so I hope the below tips help you.

A free basic example layout of a resume is the following

Personal Information

Personal objective or career objective.

Work history

Education history


In a resume, your personal information will also need to be listed down, for example they will need to know the following:

Your full name
Your date of birth
Contact phone numbers
Home address and postal address
And a email address if you have one.

This is so the reader can find out how to contact you and what you name is if they request you back for an interview or if they have to return or resume.

A free tip in writing a resume is that you will have to have a personal statement or objective, these are all about telling the employer or reader why you are great and what you can offer to the company an example of why you are so great, this has to be up the front of the resume or up the top so they can read it first and be encouraged to read further into your resume.

Next free tip in writing a resume is that your work history MUST be listed in a resume, everywhere that you have work must be listed, the dates you worked there, what position you held and your main duties, responsibilities and any achievements you had while you were there.

Another free tip when writing your resume you will list your education history, this includes any high school you went to and college, plus what you studied and what achievements you had.

And of course at the end of writing your resume you will need referees, these are people that you might of worked for or personal friends that can be contacted regarding your previous employment as they can give examples of how you worked.

A free tip when writing a resume is that you will most probably need at least two referees, but make sure you ask permission of the referees first, and make sure that they will say good things about you, so if you got fired from a particular position for example a good tip is do not list them on your resume, as they could hinder your ability to gain a position.

Of course a tip is that you will not need to list your references on your resume if you do not wish to just state, References available on request as in the free example below.
And if the reader of your resume asks why you left that job, a good tip is to just say you needed a change do not ever say you were fired.
Below we have a free resume writing example for you too look at, of course it is only a example and when writing your own resume you can elaborate much more on where you studied and where you worked.

Free Resume Writing Example

Sarah Langley
1224 Fort Road

Date of birth: 5th September 1985
Mobile: 058 558 9886
Home phone number: 56 89 56 478
Email address:

Career objective:

To gain a challenging and exciting position with a company that will allow me to utilize and expand my Administration skills.
Using my skills and experience from my previous employment and from my education, I wish to contribute my all in administration position.

Work history:

Administrative Assistant
Recruitment Solutions, Fortland
July 2002 - Present
Duties included: Answering incoming telephone calls, everyday correspondence, clientele management, database maintenance, Filing, general paperwork and general assistance to all recruitment consultants.

Office Junior
Marcus Industries- Fortland
March 2001-July 2002
Duties included: General assistance to the receptionist and to the Administration team, filing, and Data entry.

Education History:
2002 University of Fortland
Diploma in Business Administration

2001 Graduated Fortland HighSchool

Referees available on request

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