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Free Resume Writing Sample - Best Free Sample Of Resume

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By Jenna Litchfield
When writing your resume there is one simple rule you must follow and that is to be completely honest with everything that you write.
If you lied about anything while writing your best resume you could well hinder the possibilities of obtaining a job in your career.

So make sure that you are as truthful as possible when writing your best resume, and are very professional with your resume, employers love professional resumes.

Also keep the spelling correct and the grammar when writing your best resume, and print the resume out on a4 clean white paper, this will look really professional and if possible bind the resume or put it in a clear folder to enhance that look as well.
Every little bit of help counts when you're writing your resume and obtaining a job.

Remember when writing your best resume to contain in your best resume all your personal information like in the best free sample resume below, they need to know your contact details, so of course they can contact you if need be.
This is so they can call you back for an interview, or send information out to you as you can see in the free sample below, they have included contact numbers and email addresses and postal addresses.

Another thing about writing resumes is that you must include work history without this you will seriously be thrown down the bottom of the pile, unless you are applying for an internship as you can see we have done in the free best sample below.
Always list where you worked, and from which dates you were there, what position you had and what your responsibilities were when writing your best resume as you can see in the free sample below they have included this information.

Also when writing your resume, you must have some sort of information about your education as they have done in the free sample.
Especially if you have a diploma or a university qualification, that could help you in obtaining a job so always list where and when you studied when you are writing as well as some of the papers you completed as you can see in the best free sample resume below.

Also don't forget to have a heading for referees, as these are the people prospective employers will need to contact to verify your employment and to talk about your work ethics, we have listed some below in the free sample, they have the name of the referee, the position of the referee and the contact numbers, bear in mind they are only sample names and contact details.

Best free sample resume:

Sarah Wroughtley
234 Marshall Street
Mobile: 556 558 998
Home: 02 558 998
Email Address:

Personal statement:
A growing enthusiastic confident professional seeking new challenges in the field of business administration.
With many years of experience in positions from administration to customer service I am willing to put all my skills and experience to use for the right company.

Work history:

Mackleton Software Devolpment
Dates: 19th October 2003 - Present
Position: Administration Assistant
-Control of all incoming, outgoing enquiries and personnel.
-Successful management office and all administrative duties.

Malcolm Personnel
Dates: July 25th 2001- September 2003
Position: Receptionist
-Day to day customer service
-Management of large clientele base
-Office Duties, including banking and filing

Pre 2001

McDonald's Worksville
Position: Shift Manager
Managing crew
Managing cash and monetary items

Educational history:

Worksville University
Diploma in Business Administration
Papers in:
Customer Service
Clerical procedures
Computer programs
Keyboard skills

Worksville High School
Graduated 1999

Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint, HTML, Website Creation, Photoshop, Illustrator, PRS database system

Jamie Marsters
Administration Manager
Mackleton Software Devolpment
(87) 426 9886

Martha Davis
Branch Manager
Malcolm Personnel
(879) 526 9893

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