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Free Job Resume Sample - Sample Resume Template

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By Jenna Litchfield
A resume is a vital part in succeeding in obtaining a job it basically summarizes your life, your work history and your education.
Without this getting a job would be hard, employees need to know your history, to see if you are qualified to do the job and to see if you are the right fit for the position as well.

When you are completing or writing a job resume, a good place to start if you have never written a job resume before, is to have a layout or free sample template handy to use.
These free sample templates are great as they give you a idea of where things should go and what you should write so you wont get stuck!

In a job resume, you will need to list all your personal details, from your postal address to your contact phone numbers and email addresses this is so the employer can contact you if need be, e.g. if they would like to call you in for a job interview.
Also you will need to list your work history, education history, your skills, and a career objective as in the free sample template below.

It is important that you list your work history in a job resume, along with where you worked, what position, dates and what your responsibilities were you were there so the employer can see where you have been working and what skills you have learnt and used as in the free sample template below.
As well as your education history is important, if you have a diploma in something and you don't list it, it could inhibit your chances of getting that job you always wanted, so make sure you list where you studied, what you completed and when and also what papers you completed as they have done in the free sample template.
When listing you skills in a job resume, it is vital that you include everything, for example, list every computer program you have used and no well, even if you have dabbled in a program, you have still used it!!

Also there is a section for referees as in the free sample template below, these are the people the employer or reader of this resume can ring and talk to them about your previous employment, and work ethics.

All the above are a vital part to include in a job resume, as you can see in the free sample resume template below, we have included all those headings, so that you can just add the relevant information.
You can add as much information to your resume as you like, you do not have to stick to just two jobs listed, list all your jobs, the template below is just an indication on how to fill a resume out.

Free job resume template sample

Your Name
Address Line One
Address Line Two
Address Line Three

Contact Numbers:
Mobile Number:
Home Number:

Email Address:

Career objective:
List here what your goals and career objectives are and what you can give to a company

Work History:
Name of company
Dates you worked there
Your main duties and responsibilities
And any achievements

Education History:

Name of college or institute you studied at
Dates you studied there
What you studied for example, Bachelor of Business.
Various units or papers you completed.
And any other achievements

Name of high school you studied ay
Dates you studied there
What grades you completed
And any other achievements

Skills (template option)
List here all the extra skills you know for example, what computer programs you know how to use.


Name of Referee
Phone Number:

Name of Referee
Phone Number:

Name of Referee
Phone Number:

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