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So you got the Interview. Fantastic!

If you want to get hired you'll have to "show" that you posses the acumen to be successful at the job you for which you are interviewing. "Showing" is contrasted with just "telling" the Interviewer that you have what it takes. The formula for "showing" (as opposed to "telling") this goes like this. This is a free job interview tip you can use:

1) Clarify the Question.

2) Answer the question by "telling" the Hiring Manager that you have the drive, stamina, smarts, and skills required for the position.

3) Then SHOW that you have demonstrated these abilities in the past by OFFERING EXAMPLES.

4) Finally, ASK and VERIFY that you have answered the question to the Hiring Manager's satisfaction.


"OK ... what you are asking me is "A." That's a fair question and I am pleased that you asked. Yes, I absolutely have the ability to "B" and that's because I am very skilled in "C." For example, in my last position I encountered a situation where I "X," but I was able to "Y" because of my ability to "B" and "C." Does that answer your question? Is that the type of experience you are looking for?"

A simple answer would then look this:

"OK ... you are asking me if I have worked with high profile clients before. That's a good question and I'm very glad you asked. Yes, I do have the ability to work hard to gain the respect of my clients, and then focus on quality service in order to keep them satisfied with the business relationship. FOR EXAMPLE, in my last position I was brought in to work with a large client after another Account Manager left. Although it was a challenge, I managed to repair the problem by ensuring that we delivered exactly what was expected of us. Does that make sense? OK. Does that answer your question? Good. I think I could be an asset to your group having worked through this type of experience with a high profile client."

"FOR EXAMPLE" is the most important term in your job interview arsenal! Don't be afraid of using it often as a part of the answer to each and every question! The more solid examples (SHOW don't TELL) you can provide -- the more likely you will be hired. This is probably one of the best free job interview tips for you should remember for your next interview.

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