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Free Job Interview Tip - Second Interview Tip

By Jenna Litchfield
The biggest free job interview tip to know about is to try not to appear nervous, although everyone says don't be nervous, but most people can't help it, especially when you're going to get grilled about your life and your achievements in a job interview.
Being nervous is all in your head, you can be worried about lots of things, from how you're going to look, what they will ask you and how you will answer the questions.

The tip is though if you go there confident and without a slight nervous bone in your body, you usually do a better job in the job interview, I have been to job interviews where I have been a nervous wreck and words sometimes just fail to come out of your mouth no matter how hard you try and sometimes you just say things and straight afterwards you cant believe you said it or your memory appears blank, when you know you know the answers.
A good free tip is to breathe deep and calm yourself down and think, do not rush into saying things otherwise you could regret it.

Before your job interview, a good free tip to know is to get yourself ready in plenty of time, and be happy with the appearance of yourself, if you look good you feel good and the nervousness will tend to disperse.
Make sure you know where to go for the job interview as well, and where to park that is the biggest free tip is keeping yourself nervousness free, if you cant find the place and cant find a park, you tend to panic as time runs out.

The whole idea is to free your mind and think positive, and that the employers are probably just as nervous as you, and all they are doing is asking a few questions.
I guess the funniest free tip has always been to think of them in there underwear.
Never ever think of the negative things, free your mind of them before or during a job interview they just make the nervousness even worse, think about how positive and confident you are.
It's all about mind power, if you think you are successful then you are successful and if you think you're going to be great in a job interview then you will be and that's a great tip to remember.

When you return for a second job interview if you are so lucky to get one and if they are holding second job interviews, congratulations you got a call back!
The free tip is to be as equally as confident as you were for the first one.
With a second job interview you will be most likely be interviewed by different people, most likely higher up in the company then the interviewers from the first job interview.
And usually the questions in the second job interview will be a lot harder and will cause you to really think so revise the questions they asked you and see where you weakness was, and work on better answers for the second time around
Also what areas or questions did they mostly ask you about in the first job interview and how can you improve for the second interview?
And think about the answers to the most common questions like "why should we hire you? And "What can you bring to our company?"
You can also research the company a little bit for the second interview, find out the brief history, who works there etc etc and ask them questions about how they started out and what the past year is been like and don't be surprised if they ask you what you know about the company.

And usually at the end of a second job interview there is quite a possibility of the company asking what you think your wage should be and if your lucky enough they might even ask if you want the job.
Or they can ring you after the second job interview and tell you weather or not you got the job, or they often just send a letter in the mail.

So I hope those free tips help you out in your first job interview and help you to get a call back for a second interview so don't be afraid to share the tips with your friends as well.

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