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Free Cv Format - Free Cv Example

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By Jenna Litchfield
A CV format is a great thing to have and know when you are creating a CV and trying to get the best results from your CV.
For example if you CV has been formatted really nicely and typed out on the computer it is going to look very professional but if it is done poorly it will look tacky and unorganized, definitely not what an employer wants to see.

So a really nicely presented and formatted CV will appeal to the reader and they will know that effort has been put into this CV that you have created.

A nicely formatted CV consists of special headings and information designed to get the readers attention and get you that fantastic job you've always wanted.
The different headings in the CV highlight different areas and aspects of your career as you can see below here are some free headings for you.

Free CV format example:

Free personal information examples as follows:

Contact phone numbers
Email address

Personal summary or statement:

Work history or experience:
Education History:


As you can see in the above free format example those are the main headings used in a CV.
Most CVs have an area for your personal information, which consists of your name, your contact numbers, your address, email address and any other details you wish to provide, like the free example below.

Another area or the next area in a CV is the personal statement, this is a brief description or blurb about you as a person, usually stating a brief history and outlining what you can offer a potential employer in a job like in the free example below.

Next is job experience, of course you must list this to gain a job! No use having a CV with no work experience in it.
List everywhere that you have worked, this includes, the name of the company, the location of the company, the position you held and what responsibilities or duties you carried out like the free example below.
Oh and don't forget to add any achievements you had at specific positions, employers like to see that.

Next heading in a CV is Education History; this is all about where you studied and what you have learnt.
You must list where you studied, what you studied and what qualification was gained afterwards, the dates you studied and any achievements.

Second to last is the Skills heading, this is where you can list all the skills you know, for example all the computer programs you know how to use.

Last but not least the last heading in your CV is going to be the referees heading, of course you do not have to list referees if you do not wish too, you can just state the following "Referees available on request".
Referees are people that you might of worked for in the past and that a prospective employer can ring and discuss your work ethics.
But if you do wish to list referees, please make sure that they are known of that they are going to be referees.
List their name, their company, and their position and contact phone numbers like the free format example below.

Free CV Example:

Alisha Montgommery
234 Marsha Street
Mobile: 555 889 658
Home: 25 668 998
Email Address:

Personal statement:
A growing enthusiastic confident professional seeking new challenges in business administration.
With many years of experience I am willing to put all my skills and experience to use for the right company.

Work history:

21st October 2003 - Present
Masterton And Associates
Administration Assistant
-Control of all incoming, outgoing enquiries and personnel.
-Successful management office and all administrative duties.

August 4th 2001- October 2003
Enterprise Personnel
-Day to day customer service
-Management of large clientele base

Educational history:

Lemaitend University
Diploma in Business Administration

Leyland High School
Graduated 1999

Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint, HTML, Website Creation, Internet Search Engines and Directory Listings

Referees example:
Sarah Masterton
Masterton And Associates
(87) 426 9886

Marcus Wilde
Enterprise Personnel
(879) 526 9893

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