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Example Of Good Resume - Good Free Resume Sample

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By Alan Leach
With people having the freedom to change careers more often than ever before, a well-polished and up-to-date resume has never been so much in demand. It seems everywhere you turn you can find free and not so free advice about how to write a good resume with plenty of examples to help you.

Getting the resume right is crucial. If a potential employer has dozens of resumes to get through in a short amount of time, if you make any kind of mistake with your resume you are bound to be discarded in favour of better examples.

In fact, your resume may have as little as fifteen seconds to make the right impression before reaching the waste paper basket so it is vital you know how to create a winning first impression. Here we provide a good free example of a good resume for you to use.

This good free writing sample will enable you to compare it with your resume and allow you to see where you might be going wrong. Following the example of a good free resume sample we provide more information on what is particularly good about the example.

This free example of a good resume is for a professional or executive position, and is used as a sample only.

Peter Free
123 Sample Street
Houston, Texas, 98765
(111) 222-3333

Career Objective

Looking for a middle management position that will build on some six years experience of driving results-based projects. A finance specialist who also has considerable general management skills, I am looking for a challenging role with a forward-thinking organization.

Career Experience

Bigco, Sacramento, CA, 2004 - present.
General Manager

Have managed this auto parts manufacturing company through considerable changes in structure and organization. While manager, have overseen changes leading to 24% savings, and an increase in profits of 45%.
 Enhanced project management skills through leading several key projects.
 Made effective use of finance background to help company make considerable savings.
 Ensured all operations were compliant with ISO 9000 safety standards.

Smallco, Sacramento, CA, 2000 - 2004
Finance Manager

Given this position in a small bottled water factory upon graduation. In collaboration with General Manager, introduced a number of efficiencies that led to cost savings of over $2 million between 2000 - 2004.
 Managed a growing finance team of 3 personnel in 2000 to 8 in 2004.
 Developed effective leadership and organizational skills.
 Worked effectively with other members of the team.

Bachelor of Finance, Summer 2000. University of Sacramento, CA.

Perhaps the first thing you noticed about the above good free resume sample was its length. This is a good example of when less is more. Employers do not have time to read dozens of resumes, and you may gain some sympathy if it appears you have made a conscious effort to make the employer's job as easy as possible by making the resume brief.

Although we do not know specifically the position for which the good resume sample above is made, we can at least assume from the career objectives section that it will be a management position utilizing either his finance or general management skills. This is a good example of being as clear as possible about where you want your career to go, and the sample makes it clear also for the potential employer who is reading it.

Finally, this example of a good free resume showed that the applicant based his resume on results, emphasizing the achievements he had been responsible for in his career. An employer will want to know what the applicant can do for the company rather than the other way around, and so this is a good example of how to use persuasive language on the employer. Using this good free resume sample, you can alter the information to suit your resume and job application.

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