Entry Level Resume Sample - Sample Internship Resume

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Entry Level Resume Sample - Sample Internship Resume

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By Jenna Litchfield
Entry level Resumes are basically resumes from people that have just come out of training or education E.G University, that are seeking their first job or their first job in that area of expertise they were trained in.

In the entry-level resume or internship resume, you of course will have all your personal details, but you must have an internship or entry-level objective.
This shows what you want to do in your career and what you want to gain in your career and also how you will be the best candidate for the internship or entry-level position with that company.

You must also remember to list where you studied or are studying and what qualifications you achieved or are achieving in your entry level or internship resume.
Also list the courses and or topics or units you studied, the employer is not going to know what skills you have if you just say I have a diploma in this or that.

Explain in your resume what you have learnt, you do not have to describe in extreme detail, just list the course /paper/ or unit down and what was mainly involved if need be.
If you have any work that might be relevant to the position that you are applying for, be sure to include that in your resume and bring it along to interviews as they would love to see what you have learnt and previously completed E.G in Graphic Design you would bring along a portfolio of work or sample of work you have done while in education.

Also a good thing to list on a resume is a sample of all the computer packages that you know how to use as well especially if it is in a career field such as Graphic Design and as you can see in the sample below that the sample person has listed all the programs they have used
As in Graphic Design it is computer based job and therefore you need to learn how to use those programs to gain entry to any job in that industry.
The entry level resume or internship resume is all about showing employers why you are the best and why your education has given you the best skills to be employed.

Remember that the sample entry level or Internship resume is just a sample nothing more, all characters and place names are fictional.
I hope this sample internship resume helps you in your quest in getting an entry-level position or an internship.

Sample entry level or Internship resume:

Sarah Doe
St. Interview's Lane
United Resumeville


To obtain a challenging position with a great company that will allow me to utilize my graphic design skills from my educational years.
And to gain practical experience in the Graphic Design field and contribute to a companies projects.


University of Resumeland, United Resumeville
Bachelor of Arts majoring in Graphic Design
Top 5% of graduating class.
Relevant courses: Industry Technologies and Processes, Bitmap Image Design and Editing, Vector Design and Graphics, Typographical Design and Manipulation and Technical Production for Print Media.


Assistant Clerk
University Book Store, University Of Resumeland, United Resumeville
October 1999 to Present
Duties include: The development and monitoring of marketing plans.
Cataloguing publications, most customer service duties.
Mail order and presentation of displays.

Administrative Assistant
Recruitment Solutions, Resumeland, United Resumeville
July 1996 - October 1999
Duties included: Answering telephone and correspondence, clientele management, database maintenance.
Filing, general paperwork and general assistance to all consultants.

Microsoft Office applications, Adobe PageMaker 6.0, Typing 70 wpm, Telephone Switchboard skills, Customer relationship skills, Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator and QuarkXpress

Horse riding, Soccer and Tennis and modify photos and pictures.

References available upon request.

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