Employment Verification Letter - Sample Employment Verification Letter

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Employment Verification Letter - Sample Employment Verification Letter

By Jenna Litchfield
Employment verification letters are a must these days, as many people tend to falsify their resumes to get the positions they want.
So en employment verification letter is the best way to verify their employment with previous companies and below we have a sample for you to look at.

An employment verification letter must be original and valid it must be written on the companies stationary or letterhead.
It must also include in the employment verification letter the following information as in the sample below:
The name of the employee
The period of time the employee was employed
Whether it was full time employment or part time employment
Main duties and responsibilities
The date the letter was written and signed
And an original signature of some one with a management role over the employee

Sample of an employment verification letter:

Ultimate Recruitment LTD
165 Abraham St.
San Diego, CA 92701
(125) 658-1234

January 4, 2006

RE: Mrs. Sarah Tonks

This letter has been sent to verify that Ultimate Recruitment LTD, from July 2004 to the present, employed Mrs. Sarah Tonks as a full-time Recruitment Agent. Mrs. Tonks main duties were recruiting applicants for positions, filling positions for clients and selling our services to clients.


(signature here)
Margaret Baxter
Branch Manager, Ultimate Recruitment LTD

Job applicant education request
With every job applicant they must be able to have educational verification and be able to present their educational history to a interviewer on request, if they do not have shown it in their resume.
They are also required to list their educational history down on application forms; this is to see their history of course but to get a sound description and sample of their skills and ability to learn.

Verification of applicants education
As well as employment verification, you will need to verify an applicants educational history and achievements.
Just a sample of the severity of how many people lie on resumes is proved by studies that have shown that 60% of college registrars that experience transcript falsification routinely"
That means that there is an incredible amount of people lying on their resumes, so a verification of the applicants education is a must.
A way of doing this is to receive letters and certificates from the institute, but yes these can be falsified and copied.
So the best way to find out if your applicant is legit is to ring up the registrar of the university or institutes involved and personally ask about the applicants.
And the same with high schools just ring the principal and check out the data, don't forget to confirm the dates of graduation and the degrees or achievements received by the applicant.

Letter verifying someone was employed by your company
Basically this is the same as a employment verification letter, it is a letter verifying that so and so was employed at your company, much like the sample above.
These are a must in the recruitment agency, as some people can falsify their resumes to secure positions in certain industries.

Request for information concerning a job applicant
Again when applicants apply for jobs you have verify their history, and sometimes you will need to get police checks done on an applicant.
This can be handy for positions that require applicants with clean drivers licenses.
You can find out if applicants have theft allegations and convictions or even restraining orders.
You want a legitimate employee in your workplace not one that has a conviction of a serious kind.

Please note all personal names and company names in the above sample are fictional and the sample above is not a true verification letter it is just a sample.

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