Elementary Teacher Resume Sample - Sample Teaching Resume

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Elementary Teacher Resume Sample - Sample Teaching Resume

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By Jenna Litchfield
When writing a resume there are headings you must remember, the most important ones are your contact details, your educational history and your employment history.
These are very valuable if you are to succeed in gaining an interview or a job, other headings you can include are personal statements, skills and attributes and referees like we have done in the sample below.
So when writing an elementary teacher resume be sure to include your contact details in your elementary teacher resume as in the sample.
Also please include some of your skills you have that are relevant to teaching, as we have done in the sample elementary teacher resume below, some examples can be Lesson Planning, Monitoring and Motivation as below in the sample elementary teacher resume.

Also we have included where the candidate studied for their elementary teaching qualification, the year they completed it or studied the teaching qualification and where they went to complete the teaching qualification. (see sample)

All this information is vital for the future or prospective employer to have as they need to be able to paint or visualize a picture of you, and your skills.
And also to see if you have the pre requisites for the position as well, e.g. proper teaching qualifications.
Also the future employer will need to know of some referees to contact (see bottom of elementary teacher resume sample) they need to contact these referees so they can talk to your previous employers to talk about your work ethic.
E.g. how you worked for a previous employer, were you on time, for example.
Overall in your elementary teacher example remember to be perfectly honest in everything you write, because if you are lying you will be found out and they will ask you questions in relation to what you have written on your resume.

When teaching elementary school kids or teaching any class for that matter the most valuable skill to have is patience, honesty and the ability to teach and care for the students, who are going to look up to them for the guidance about certain topics and issues, as we all know in our elementary school years we must of asked a thousand or so questions that would of made the elementary school teacher almost crazy, numerous questions such as why is the sky blue, why cant I fly all the numerous WHY questions so be sure that you have patience and a great temper when teaching.

So take this elementary teaching resume sample and use it as a guide to developing your own teaching resume, add more information if you wish, the more the better.

Sample Elementary Teacher Resume

Margaret Chester
124 Markwell Road
Townsville, 55558
Phone: 02 365 9860

Personal Statement:
To obtain a challenging and rewarding position with a Elementary School as a Elementary school teacher

Skills/ Attributes:

Loyal and Trust worthy
Tidy Professional Appearance
Motivated, learns quickly
Great team player
Great interpersonal and communication skills
Curriculum Development
Lesson Planning
Monitoring and Motivation
Parental Involvement

Employment History:

Townsville Elementary School, Townsville
Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
Dates: 2003 - 2006
Main Duties and Responsibilities:
Developed lesson plans, creating bulletin boards, coordinating field trips, attending staff meetings, completing reports.

Townsville Properties, Townsville
Position: First Grade Teacher
Dates: 2001-2003
Main Duties and Responsibilities:
Examined, evaluated commercial and residential properties.
Developed lesson plans for all areas of the curriculum of the first grade, bulletin boards, field trips, staff meetings, completing reports, marking assessments. Parent Teacher interviews.

Educational History:

University of Townsville
Dates: 2000-2001
Qualification: Major in Elementary Education


Name of Referee: Robert Sampson
Position: Branch Manager
Company: Townsville Elementary School. Townsville
Phone Number: (02) 256 8955

Name of Referee: Hamish Motion
Position: Branch Manager
Company: Townsville Properties, Townsville
Phone Number: (02) 254 8663

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