Customer Service Representative Job Description - Customer Service Resume Sample

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Customer Service Representative Job Description - Customer Service Resume Sample

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By Alan Leach
Customer service representative job description

Customer service representatives are employed in a wide variety of industries by a wide variety of companies, and with the move towards establishing better customer relationships than ever before, it is likely the importance of a customer service representative will increase in the future.

Here we provide a customer service representative job description which may prove useful to employers and employees alike. This Job description highlights some of the main tasks undertaken on a daily basis by customer service representatives as well as other information relevant to all job descriptions, including the skills and experience required.

A job description of a customer service representative would include the essential skill of being able to work well with people. A customer service representative is often the first point of contact between the company and the customer, and it is therefore essential the customer service representative is able to make a good impression.

Customers may be calling the customer service representative for much of the day, and a job description should also include the ability to create good relationships over the phone. Any job description for a customer service representative would also include the need to be able to communicate in English well.

While excellent communication is the most essential element of a customer service representative job description, some technical knowledge is also essential. As people will often be calling because they have specific problems with the company's product, it will be up to you to solve this problem, which can only be achieved through having the knowledge.

Related to this is the ability to solve problems. Like communication skills, this element is a transferable skill, so if you have demonstrated this ability in another job, it might be the case that a customer service representative position will enable you to enhance this aspect.

We have looked at a customer service job description which gives you some idea of the skills and qualities requires, as well as some more information of the job description itself, in terms of what a customer service representative actually does.

customer service resume sample

Here we provide a customer service resume sample to enable those who might be thinking about applying for a customer service representative position to see how a sample might look. This customer service resume sample has been tailored to fit the job for which the person is applying and we recommend you do the same. As such, this customer service resume is a sample only, and would not be suitable for all customer service resumes.

Sample of customer service resume

Samuel Sample
123 Fulham Road, Albany, NY 21212
(516) 123-1234

Employment Objective

A customer service representative position enabling me to utilize my exceptional customer service abilities and problem solving skills.


 Extensive customer service experience
 Demonstrated superior problem-solving skills
 Excellent communication ability
 Proven team-player

Work Experience

Customer Service Representative: Eastway Airlines Ltd., Sacramento CA (2002-present)

 Named employee of the month on three separate occasions
 Achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 'excellent'
 Proven track record of performing under stressful conditions.


Certificate in Customer Relations, Montgomery Business School, Sacramento CA (2002)

While brief, this customer service resume sample should allow you to see how your resume could be structured. A summary is given near the start so that a potential employer can see quickly whether the applicant has the necessary skills to do the job, before other information like employment history and education is given.

Often nowadays, it is the skills that employers look for, irrespective of where these skills were learned. Concentrate on the skills that the employer mentions in the advertisement. We hope this customer service resume sample proves useful for those seeking a customer service representative position.

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