Common Interview Question And Answer - Sample Job Interview Question Answer

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Common Interview Question And Answer - Sample Job Interview Question Answer

By Jenna Litchfield
In a job interview there is an array of common questions that you could be asked, and how you answer them is a high factor of whether or not you will get the job.
All questions must be answered in a confident and clear way, so the job interviewer knows exactly where you are coming from and likes your answer.
Always be prepared for different questions, but remember there a few common ones that always pop up in interviews, so be always remember how to answer them.

A really common sample job interview question is "What are your long and short term goals, and how are you going to achieve them?"

This is a great common question as the job interviewer can see whether or not you are ambitious etc.

A good way to start on how you answer this common question is to sit down and actually find out what they are.

Grab a piece of paper and divide it into two columns, one for short-term goals and one for long-term goals.
The aim of this is to see what your goals are then afterwards, write down HOW you are going to achieve this, and what you are doing at the moment to complete them.

These are some common samples questions:

Long Term Goal sample: To save for a deposit on a house

How am I going to achieve this sample: Save certain amount each year or month, cut down on impulse buys and unnecessary items.

Or Short Term goal sample: Find a really great job that is challenging and enjoyable
How am I going to achieve this sample: Apply for roles that excite me and give the job interviews my all.

After doing that sit down and think, what will the job interviewer be wanting me to say, this corresponds with the job you are applying for try not to be too common and answer it in a way everyone else does, be original.
Always choose the answers that show you have ambition, drive, determination and a great will to achieve.
That is what they want to see, not some one that is not wiling to strive for something they want, that type of person is seen as not caring about the job they are going for and have no real ambition in life and is a real turn off for employers.

Ok so you're in the interview and all the common questions are being thrown at you, and your answering them with ease, then the question you've prepared comes, "What are your long and short term goals, and how are you going to achieve them?"

Do not panic sit there and think about how you prepared for this common question, take a deep breath and say, "Long term wise, I want to be able to save for a deposit for a house, I'm saving each week and cutting down on all the impulse buys, its something I really want so I'm trying my best to get it"
"Short term goal is to find a position that I am comfortable with, and that I enjoy and feel challenged with, and how I'm doing that is applying for positions, going to interviews like I am right now, and never giving up until I find it.

Of course your answers can be different from the above common question samples but all answers must be truthful and to the point, don't try and elaborate on and on about unnecessary information.
I hope this information and the samples above help you in answering the interview questions.

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