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Business Analyst Job Description - Financial Analyst Job Description

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By Alan Leach
business analyst job description

A business analyst job description is by its very nature a broad description, as a business analyst can mean many different things to different people. In compiling this business analyst job description, we have tried to identify those factors that many business analyst positions share in common, without regard to a particular industry.

Most business analyst job descriptions share the need for a business analyst to identify new ways for a company to operate, based on both present evidence and future forecasts. A business analyst therefore is expected to be able to recommend changes that add value to the organization.

Ultimately, the success of a business analyst will depend to a large extent on how successful the changes the business analyst recommends are actually beneficial to the organization.

Implied in a job description of a business analyst is expert knowledge of both the company the analyst works for as well the industry in which the company operates. Decisions are made based on accurate and up-to-date information, so the better informed the business analyst is, the more likely the decisions made will be a good one.

A job description of a business analyst should also include some information about the skills and other abilities necessary. A business analyst must be able to sift through large amounts of data and turn this into information that can be the basis of decision-making. Business analysis can be a stressful job, so those that remain calm and those that thrive on pressure will do well.

For most business analyst positions, it is expected you have a tertiary qualification, and experience is usually but not always expected also, though again there are wide differences depending on the particular nature of the work.

Financial analyst job description

Essentially, a financial analyst is involved with investigating the financial situation of a particular organization and usually provides recommendations as to how to improve. This job description of a financial analyst will examine some of the main elements in such a position.

A financial analyst takes existing data on a wide range of different financial areas and then turns this into information that could be useful for the organization. This information is then presented to senior management, usually but not always in the form of a report.

A job description of a financial analyst should include some mention of the qualifications and experience needed. Certainly, a financial analyst should usually have a college degree with relevant experience, though this may vary from organization to organization.

A financial analyst is usually expected to be proficient with a number of software packages such as Excel, and other skills that may be linked to finance such as statistics may also be beneficial if not required.

A financial analyst position assumes a lot of responsibility, as the finance department of any organization is in many ways the key to the whole operation. As such, financial analysts are usually mature and professional and they strive for a high level of accuracy, as well as having the skill of being able to make future forecasts and recommendations.

It is also increasingly important that people can work well in small teams, and financial analysis is no exception. It is therefore essential a financial analyst work well with others, and good communication skills, while possibly more important in other fields, are certainly important.

We have attempted to give a broad description of what the job of financial analyst entails, and those considering going into such an industry will hopefully find the above information of some use.

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