Behavioral Interview Question And Answer - Behavioral Based Interview Question

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Behavioral Interview Question And Answer - Behavioral Based Interview Question

By Jenna Litchfield
In quite a lot of interviews you will be asked a lot of questions but sometimes behavioral based interview questions can be asked to assess your personality, attitude and of course behavior.
Behavioral based interview questions are basically questions they ask you to see how you react and how you deal with problems, whether or not you would deal with the problem in a calm civilized way or in an angry way.

To answer this question the best LISTEN very carefully to the question and answer it with detail and appropriate answers, think about what the interviewer is wanting to here from you, but be prepared to back it up in every which way possible.
To answer these just think about experiences in jobs, high school, colleges and life experiences, the examples are everywhere.
Although there will be different answers for most things, never try and answer it in a different way or how you would act, answer it the way you did act.
If you say you behave well in this situation then when it happens you get angry, they are going to see that you lied a bit in your interview.
Behavioral based interview questions are questions that are revealing past experiences in which you encountered potential conflict in the particular situation.
And how you went about dealing with the potential conflict and why and what the outcome was.

Basically remember how the behavioral based interview question was asked, think about the situation it is portraying and the task that was in hand, the action you took and the result that followed.
If you remember all that you will ace the task of answering behavioral based interview questions.
Behavioral based interview questions are vital for the company as they can hire someone that they think is perfect for the job, do not take any offense to it, they are just checking you out!

Some example behavioral based interview questions and answers

Behavioral based question: Describe a situation in which you were able to use persuasion to successfully convince someone to see things your way.
Answer: This could be from any of life experiences as well, you could use the example of maybe a debate that you had in university or of the similar or an argument of personal beliefs for example:
The situation was that me and a friend were having a heated argument about our beliefs, and they were adamant what they believed was ultimately the truth. I explained to them in my view how I saw it and after a while of explaining they realized that it was my view and everyone's different.

Behavioral based question: Describe a time when you were faced with a stressful situation that demonstrated your coping skills.
The situation was that I was faced with a deadline in previous job, some paper work had to be finished by a certain time and there was a lot of other paper work to do at the same time for other people, I had to prioritize all the paper work and get most needed work out on time. The outcome was that I got all paper work done on time.
Behavioral based question: Give me an example of a time when you set a goal and were able to meet or achieve it.
Any goal you have set will be fit to answer this behavioral question for example:
I sat a goal when I needed to loose weight, the situation was that I was very obese, I achieved this by dieting and exercise and in the end I had shed 30 kilograms

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