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Bank Teller Sample Resume - Sample Resume Banking

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By Jenna Litchfield
When writing a bank teller resume or a straight banking resume, you must have good customer service skills, as you will be dealing with general public, with almost every aspect of the job, below we have samples of how to prepare for the job.

You as a bank teller will be processing their requests, looking after their accounts and various other assigned duties involved with being a bank teller in banking institute.
You must have sufficient computer skills as well, especially knowledge of banking software, and general navigation of a computer.
Data entry skills are a must as well if you're a bank teller, the quicker you can get something entered into a computer, the quicker the service will be to the customer and you will definitely be scoring some points for yourself.
In the resume, you must list your contact details as well, as your educational history as well as employment history.
You can also list your references, so that the employer can contact them to verify your employment history.

With a banking position or a bank teller position you must present your self very professionally as you are working in a corporate company, and are expected to portray a professional image for yourself and for the company.
A sample of what you should be wearing if your in the banking industry, is if you're a girl, a nice business suit or the banks providing uniform, this of course must be washed, pressed and neatly presented.
Also wearing pantyhose of a dark color or whatever your banks preferred choice, with some professional heels if you are wearing a skirt.

Also keep your hair tidy and washed as well, and also make up will make you look tidy and sophisticated as well, just do not apply too much.
For me a sample of what to wear in a banking environment is a nice suit or of course the provided uniform for the bank, nice polished black shoes, with dark colored socks, also a clean-shaven face and tidy hair.
Don't forget to wear a big bright smile on your face, and it will make an employees and a customer's day when they see your smile!

Also when applying for a banking position you must have some fair knowledge of math as well, as you will be using most equations in the banking position.

We have a sample banking resume or bank teller resume below for you to take a look at.
Of course if you have more experience, please list it, please note that the sample banking resume below is only a sample of what a sample banking resume or bank teller resume could look like and what it could have in it.

Sample banking resume and bank teller resume:

Personal Information:

Margaret Wilson
235 Street Way road

Home Phone: (12) 2565 789
Mobile Phone: (123) 458 9886

Email Address:

Personal Statement:
I am a qualified bank teller, I have experience working in banking environments, customer service environments and many other roles.
I wish to use my skills and knowledge in a position with a company that can benefit the most from them.

Skills/ Attributes:
Professional Appearance
Loyal, trustworthy
Excellent customer services skills
Highly organized and detail orientated
Proficient with accounting software, Lotus 1-2-3, Lacerte, and Class.
High typing speed of 60wpm
High data entry speed of 8000 kspm
Proficient with 10 key.

Educational History:
B.S., Degree in Accounting
Townsville City College
Anticipated October, 2006

Employment History:
Townsville Bank, Townsville, CA
Bank Teller, 2003 to Present

Daily Customer service, including general enquiries.
Customer deposits, loan payments
Maintained cash drawers
Secured the premises nightly.
Used 10 key with most daily activities


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