Bank Teller Job Description - Cashier Job Description

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Bank Teller Job Description - Cashier Job Description

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By Alan Leach
A bank teller, also known as a cashier, works at a counter at a bank and serves customers. If you are thinking about becoming a bank teller, this job description will provide the information you will need to decide. This bank teller job description details the tasks involved in the day-to-day duties of a bank teller, as well as some indication of the personal qualities needed to do the job well.

As we have mentioned, a bank teller or cashier job description includes serving customers at a counter of a bank. The tasks the bank teller or cashier may have to perform are various, and may include processing withdrawal transactions, opening bank accounts, handling telegraphic transfers and other duties.

While many people might see the job description of a bank teller as a rather mundane and monotonous one, this could not be further from the truth. Because bank tellers are constantly dealing with customers, there is considerable variety in the tasks bank tellers need to perform. Just as each customer is different, so no one day is ever the same for a bank teller. Rather than suiting someone who enjoys routine, a bank teller job is perfect for those who enjoy difference.

No job description of a bank teller would be complete without a discussion of the personal characteristics such a person requires. First and foremost must be the ability to be friendly and polite at all times. As a bank teller is dealing with the public, and is therefore the visible face of the organization, the ability to always remain calm and professional is also required.

A bank teller job description should mention the importance of mathematical ability. Of course, computerization has removed a lot of mental calculation needed previously, but it is still a necessary skill to be able to perform mental arithmetic.

Naturally then, a bank teller or cashier must be computer-literate. When dealing with money and computers, accuracy is absolutely essential. Computers are used by bank tellers or cashiers in every aspect of their job description, and so it is vital that there is the basic knowledge as to how to use one. Mistakes can be costly, for the cashier, customer or the bank.

Attention to detail is another attribute that must be discussed regarding a bank teller or cashier job description. As we have seen, mistakes can be costly, and where money is concerned, customers naturally have a very great interest in ensuring their money is handled correctly. If you are the kind of person who does not care about little details, perhaps being a cashier is not suitable for you.

A neat appearance is also required. While dress codes may vary slightly from state to state or from bank to bank, it is generally accepted that bank tellers or cashiers dress conservatively, which includes everything from clothes to facial hair, jewellery and hair style and length. When in doubt, take the safest option.

A description of the personal attributes needed by a bank teller or cashier should also mention honesty. While this may be seen as a given, it should be pointed out that in such a role you are frequently dealing with large amounts of money, and if potential employers have any doubts as to your integrity, it is unlikely you will get the position you are seeking.

As we have seen then, the job description for a bank teller requires a level headed and friendly individual who is good with numbers and has the ability to work well under pressure at all times. A bank teller should also be honest, neat and tidy in appearance, and deals well both with other people as well as computers. If this description sounds like you, then perhaps this is the career you have been looking for.

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